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Valuable what is creative curriculum Curriculum – The Learning - Numberandplacevalue                                     . 2 about the curriculum the curriculum reinforces the  perception that the high-quality manner to help youngsters prevail is to educate them to be innovative, assured thinkers. That manner presenting them possibilities for hands-on exploration and discovery that assist construct lifelong vital wondering capabilities and foster self assurance. The innovative curriculum® for preschool offers  encouragement and help for each sort of learner and cope with all the vital areas of mastering. Artmusiccompdtfl                                           . Innovative curriculum planning is in reality inclusive at cambo. A competencies based totally curriculum for the twenty first century. A variable mixture of complete school topics,  tasks and themed weeks motivates the children and gives them enthusiasm for their learning.?many years of running with creative partnerships and so on has provided us with a bank of artists and applicable specialists to  guide our coaching and enabled workforce to develop their very own know-how and abilities to decorate delivery of the  curriculum.?it has additionally given the children get right of entry to to an in depth variety of expert adults and a whole host of abilties which might have formerly now not been feasible for a small college to provide.?it has given the youngsters a broader outlook on existence and it has raised their own aspirations. The youngsters are actively worried inside the making plans, delivery and assessment of every yr’s topics.? they therefore have whole ownership in their curriculum. As ofsted 2010 confused  the curriculum at cambo is.

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