Useful Edtpa Task 4 Samples Parts A And B: Student Work Samples And Evidence Of Feedbac

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Useful edtpa task 4 samples Parts A and B: Student Work Samples and Evidence of Feedbac - Project four: mathematics evaluation observation respond to the activates underneath (no greater than 8 single-spaced pages, including prompts) by typing your responses inside the brackets following every activate. Do now not delete or regulate the activates. Observation pages exceeding the maximum will no longer be scored. Attach the evaluation you used to evaluate scholar performance (no greater than five extra pages) to the give up of this report. If you submit a student work pattern as a video or audio clip and you or your focus students can not be without a doubt heard, connect a transcription of the inaudible feedback (no greater than 2 extra pages) to the give up of this report. Those pages do not be counted closer to your page general.

Assignment four: mathematics getting to know segment evaluate learning segment review instructions: in short describe the preparation previous the assessment by using typing inside the brackets in each segment of the chart under (no greater than 2 unmarried-spaced pages). Do no longer delete or adjust the chart; both the chart and your description are included inside the overall page depend allowed. Talk to the proof chart inside the manual to make certain that this file complies with all layout specifications. Pages exceeding the most will not be scored.

[ 1) student will…rely [ academic approach: pupil [ student recording (scan) and match one- discovery w/ manipulatives (play -after a few rotations workstatio to-one with sets 2) dough); 1-to-1 correspondence; students record on the n: scanning strategy sheet, writing the (scan) and record how learning tasks: numerals in each set, and one-tomany per set (1 sheet) 1) students pinch off play dough the number representing one w/ extension: 1)students piece, matching one-to-one with the amount of each set playdoug (scan) sets teeth on mat 2) student counts extension 1 – how many: h – wild within 20 2)student sets with one-to-one after counting the sets and things how many correspondence 3) students writing these amounts, teeth per set (2-3 sheets) 3) rotate play dough mats; each students will count for how represent different set many in the whole group. (scan) how many all arrangements within 20 4) student will repeat this together on each student recording: after a few with 2-3 sheets with set sheet. rotations students record, writing arrangements that extension 2: 1) the numeral representing the represent 20. student will…count amount of each per set for 1 extension 2 – different (scan) sets within 20 sheet for a sheet of their sets still make 20: all the 2)student will... choosing. ] sheets constitute 20 in compare unique set extraordinary set arrangements. representations of 20 the students be counted for three)student will... sets to entire group for all experiment w/ sheets. The scholar will representing 20 with then test w/ different units four) different units to discover one-of-a-kind set arrangements what number of all collectively inside 20 ] on each sheet. ] lesson 1.

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