Unusual Lessons Learned Questionnaire Appendix B - Questionnaire | Lessons Learned From Airport Safet

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Unusual lessons learned questionnaire Appendix B - Questionnaire | Lessons Learned from Airport Safet - Fifty seven the following facts became sent to all implementation representatives before the scheduled interview for assessment and training of files or information vital to participate inside the survey. Airport cooperative research program synthesis s11-04-07 instructions learned from airport protection control structures pilot have a look at history in 2007 and 2008, the faa selected 31 airports to participate in the first and 2d round of the initial sms pilot observe with the motive to acquire data at the effect of sms on part 139 u.S. Airports. In 2009, the faa conducted a 2nd sms pilot have a look at concerning choice of three airports from the 31 to validate findings from the unique study. In 2010, faa continued its efforts to observe implementation of sms, and selected 14 airports for the third sms pilot observe. So far, constrained documentation of effects related to sms pilot applications is available. Airport operators could benefit from pilot program airports’ studies and “training found out.?€ goal the goal of this synthesis venture is to offer airport operators with statistics and experience from sms pilot airports. The outcomes amassed on this synthesis of practice can be helpful to all airports. System an interview can be conducted to get right of entry to the training discovered and revel in of the sms pilot airports. A member of the synthesis crew will read the questions to the player, permit- ing the participant time to sufficiently answer each question. A 2nd member of the group will record the answers given by way of the contributors. The solutions furnished by way of the interview contributors are precious contributions to the targets of this studies mission. Thank you in your participation in this study. Interview questionnaire hole analysis 1. Became the distance evaluation beneficial in growing your sms software? 1.1. If yes, what factors had been the most beneficial? 2. Have you used the safety application guide (sms guy- ual) developed in the course of the space study? 2.1. If yes, did you revise any of the content and spe- cifically what sections have been changed? 2.2. If no, why have you now not used it? Implementation plan three. Did you expand an implementation (application) plan as part of your hole evaluation? 3.1. In that case, have you ever used it for implementation? Three.2. If no, was a brand new (program/implementation) plan evolved? 4. What elements of the sms software are you imple- menting (policy, threat, warranty, advertising)? 5. What's your planned schedule to complete imple- mentation? Improvement 6. Did you rent a representative for any of the sms pilot studies? 6.1. Why or why no longer? 7. Did you lease the equal consultant for each of the studies? Eight. Please describe the sorts of experience you trust a representative must must efficiently assist an airport increase an sms. 9. Please describe the most substantial task you skilled at the same time as developing your sms. Please limit this answer to the most tremendous challenge you expe- rienced throughout this system. Nine.1. How became the undertaking triumph over? 10. Please describe the extraordinary reference documents did you use to useful resource inside the development of your sms? 10.1. Which report changed into maximum useful in the broaden- ment of the sms? Eleven. Please describe any benefits have you visible because of the development of the sms? Safety subculture 12. Please describe any cultural challenges experienced throughout the development of the sms. Thirteen. Please describe any techniques or strategies used to promote the protection way of life the various airport stake- holders. Appendix b questionnaire.

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