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Unusual how to capture lessons learned NESC Knowledge Products - The planning processes for developing and enforcing new, innovative technology like carbon capture and garage (ccs) take place in complex political, societal, economic and technical environments. Such planning strategies can easily end up intangible and complicated because of their multi-stage, multi-stakeholder and multi-difficulty characteristics. Gaining insight into the complexity and dynamics of those approaches can help destiny builders, choice makers and other key stakeholders worried in growing new ccs (or different innovative electricity) initiatives. The making plans procedure for ccs inside the north of the netherlands officially commenced in 2007 because of a political choice in the province of groningen. The government planned to connect the practise of the 2 new coal fired electricity stations to ccs era. The planning system extra or much less ended at the 14th of february 2011, after a choice via the dutch government to indefinitely put off onshore carbon dioxide (co2) storage inside the netherlands, specially because of a loss of public help. On this perception, barend van englenburg from cmr centre for environmental expertise and hanneke places, tno, gift a top level view of the dutch making plans process for ccs tasks in the north of the netherlands. They take the reader on a evaluation of the the ‘learning records’ approach, presenting excessive level findings from a private research venture into ccs inside the the north of the netherlands. Even though the specific outcomes of this research assignment are confidential, by using sharing the general technique that become taken, the authors are seeking for to pass on a spread of interesting lessons found out and hints for future revolutionary strength tasks. The focus of our studies become to get to the bottom of and understand the making plans process, inclusive of the roles, pastimes and interactions of the specific stakeholders given the political and societal dynamics at that time. The purpose of the venture changed into to offer classes to help destiny developers, decision makers and other key stakeholders for ccs tasks, with a purpose to enhance the capability of developers to address the complicated context wherein the brand new era has to be implemented. Furthermore, these effects are idea to be relevant for other modern electricity initiatives that must be implemented in politically and socially complicated environments, like wind electricity or biomass tasks.

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