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Top lessons learned log Lessons Learned – Case Studies in Technology Developmen - Whether or not we're able to deal with weather exchange will come all the way down to our ability to broaden, commercialise and deploy low carbon technologies. This could no longer happen miraculously – some kind of coverage intervention will be vital, however what type? As a primary step to exploring this concern, i checked out the training that we can draw from other projects where guidelines were used to guide the development and commercialisation of rising technology. Such case research continue to be the fine way of isolating fact from fiction. And a number of the lessons are unexpected. Both the private and non-private sectors have distinct strengths that they carry to technology improvement innovation and both are vital to the successful development of era. In the case of fgd generation, utilities provided a framework for demonstrating and field checking out the generation at commercial scale and provided valuable remarks into the decision of unique operational issues, whilst the authorities supplied investment for r. Technology improvement and deployment take a long time. The improvement of levs in japan began in the1970s and keeps today. It took up to 17 years to increase the first industrial sale strip casting technology. Even the improvement of electronic ballasts spanned two many years. Given these long intervals, technology development calls for a long term making plans framework to manual the development of technology over many years. Those plans need to contain long time aspirational goals, but because the lev case study indicates, these plans additionally want to be flexible sufficient to conform to changing situations and to comprise technology and market learning and remarks. Crucially, assist from both the personal and public sector desires to be sustained over the length of the generation improvement chain. One of the keys to the success of the danish wind energy enterprise was the dependable nature of public aid and personal commitment to the dreams of the generation approach. In contrast, inside the u.S. The begin-stop nature of government investment is extensively referred to as one of the elements that undermined the development of the renewables enterprise there.

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