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Special lesson plan for the book of john Book of John Overview - Insight for Living Minist - Now not notably, the gospel of john by no means gives the name of its creator. Such identifications have been now not made in any of the opposite 3 biblical gospels either. However, large elements factor to the identity of john as the writer. First, the ebook itself identifies the author because the disciple whom jesus cherished. This description likely pointed to john for three motives: the author needed to be one of the twelve disciples because he became an eyewitness to the occasions inside the gospel (john 21:24); he turned into in all likelihood one of the internal circle of 3 disciples (james, john, and peter) because he was many of the first mary told of the resurrection (20:1–10); and this disciple is distinguished from peter in the book, even as james died too soon after the resurrection to be the writer. John did now not consist of the nativity tale in his gospel; alternatively, he delivered his ebook by means of going returned even further into records. Invoking the “inside the starting” language of genesis 1:1, john made a direct hyperlink among the nature of god and the character of the word, jesus christ. The emphasis on the deity of christ is a placing exceptional of john’s gospel. It also comes thru genuinely someplace else within the ebook, specially in john eight:fifty eight while jesus claimed the divine name—“i'm”—for himself, which led an irritated mob of jews to attempt to kill him for blasphemy. In christian culture, john’s gospel has usually been known as the fourth gospel, meaning it became composed after the alternative 3. Polycarp, a 2nd-century christian martyr who knew john personally, advised irenaeus that john had written the e book in the course of the apostle’s time serving the church in ephesus. These elements advise that john wrote the e book among ad 85 and advert ninety five. The second one full-size proof for john’s authorship is the unanimous testimony of early christians, amongst them the second one-century christian irenaeus, who declared that john turned into the disciple who laid his head on jesus—the disciple “whom jesus cherished” (13:23)—and the writer of the gospel.

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