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Special how to write a lesson plan using teks Texas Textbook Adoption | Drama Education Net - 1. Digital simplest: consists of drama works! On-line for each teacher 2. Virtual/print package deal: includes drama works! On line and the accomplice e book of lesson plans for each instructor three. Complete gadget: consists of drama works! On-line, the accomplice ebook of lesson plans, the creativity playing cards, and the vocabulary playing cards for every instructor *all 3 alternatives have 1, 2, 4, or 8 yr virtual get right of entry to options. Store greater by using adopting for longer up front!. Touch us to agenda a unfastened digital presentation along with your textbook adoption committee or administration if considering licensing drama works! To a couple of teachers. We connect to you from los angeles thru skype or google hangouts, then take you on a virtual tour of the curriculum, adoption packages, and pd instructor training options. We will answer questions and display you more than is publicly viewable at the website. Welcome to the brand new textbook in creative drama and theatre arts instruction for the nation of texas! Previously called the drama game file, the program features all-new content material and additives, with a alternate in delivery format from cd-rom to on-line get right of entry to. Drama works! Is designed to fulfill the new ok-12 teks for theatre (2015) in addition to educate with drama throughout the curriculum. It represents the slicing fringe of pedagogy and technology, combining digital and print additives to interact the trainer and students in masses of dynamic lesson plans. Adopting drama works! Represents a significant savings over conventional textbooks due to the fact you do not need to pay for books for each scholar. Pricing is according to trainer and includes use with the aid of all of that trainer's college students. Similarly, each district-purchased license may be reassigned to a brand new trainer taking up for an outgoing instructor (and there is no more charge for this transfer).

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