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Regular lesson plan for teaching informal letter How to write an Informal Letter | Learn English | Pinteres - Elegance: ix e stage: intermediate lesson: writing informal letters type of lesson: mixed time: 50 minutes targets: 1. To apprehend how letters can be used for numerous sorts of verbal exchange; 2. To recognize the conventions of casual letter –writing: layout, paragraphing and fashion; 3. To analyse a sample of casual letter as regards format, paragraphing and style; four. To become aware of and accurate mistakes in format, paragraphing and style substances: handouts, worksheets, chalk, blackboard today, letter writing is a misplaced art, changed via the cellular phone and e-mail. Lives are busy with little time to take a seat down and write a letter, and but what can update the joys of a thick envelope filled with information from a chum or relative. This unit will discover pleasant letters with the wish that students will make an effort to percentage, in writing, their lives and their instances with others. Levels and techniques 1. Lead-in stage a. Students talk the times when human beings write letters. Their discussion is brought about via the following state of affairs (exercising a, worksheet 1): in case you wanted to do the subsequent things, would it not be better to cellphone or to put in writing? Discuss your solutions and the motive for them. - Make a complaint about a provider in a eating place; - thank a person for a present; - set up a date to play tennis with someone; - make a reserving at a lodge; - ask for a person’s advice; - observe for a process; - appologise for some thing; - congratulate any individual; - provide information; predicted time: five minutes business enterprise: class substances: worksheet 1 b. Then, the scholars solution the questions underneath (workout b, worksheet 1) 1. Whilst did you final write a letter and to whom? 2. While did you last obtain a letter and from whom? 3. How did you experience while you remaining obtained a letter? Why? Expected time: 2-three minutes company: class substances: worksheet 1.

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