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Regular k 12 curriculum K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum | Department of Educa - Alternate is in no way smooth, specially while it's miles approximately a massive assignment consisting of the implementation of the new okay-12 curriculum guide in the philippines. It is high time, but, that we join the rest of the world and enhance the exceptional of our fundamental training system and our graduates. This has constantly been seen as a downside for our students who're competing in an increasingly global process marketplace.?the longer academic cycle of the okay 12 curriculum is seen as important in giving filipino college students a better great of schooling.

The electives, or areas of specialization, will consist of teachers for folks that want to pursue better studies, technical-vocational for people who need to accumulate employable abilities after excessive school, and sports activities and arts for those who are willing within the fields. Oral language content standards overall performance requirements the learner is aware the standards of english in order to participate in various oral communication needs (scenario, cause and target market). The learner has enough facility in english to apprehend spoken discourse and to speak and engage with others about non-public reviews and textual content listened to or examine. Abilities grade 1 the learner . . . ?? • listens and tries to respond to others in english listens and responds to texts the learner . . . ?? • listens and responds to others listens and responds to texts and relates them to personal reports converses and talks approximately private reports tells a story identifies, describes and makes use of a few normally used verbal and non-verbal capabilities in a variety of texts identifies, clarifies and questions meanings drawing on private background, know-how and experiences asks questions, listens to, interprets and offers statistics grade 2 the learner . . . ?? • listens and interacts with others in a group or elegance discussion listens and responds to texts, don't forget the principle ideas, and relates them to personal studies converses, asks questions, and talks about activities and personal experiences in a collection tells testimonies, recites or reads aloud informally or for target market identifies, describes and uses a few generally used verbal and non-verbal capabilities in more than a few texts and starts to evolve spoken language to an target audience identifies, clarifies and makes use of meanings in spoken texts, drawing on personal heritage, expertise and reviews asks questions, listens to, translates and presents facts grade three.

The new k 12 curriculum manual requires all filipino students to have 365 days of kindergarten, six years of essential training (grades 1 to 6), four years of junior high college (grades 7 to ten), and years of senior high school (grades 11 to 12).

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