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Newest lesson plan examples with objectives Lesson Plans - B2 — Matthew Es - April 14, 2011 i. Targets: at the quit of the lesson, the students are predicted to: a. Outline homonyms; b. Observe teamwork and sportsmanship as they participate in the furnished activity applicable to the lesson; and c. Find the homonyms of the given words and use them in significant sentences. Ii. Situation remember: homonyms reference: making which means in afro-asian literature iii by using joyce mendez et. Al materials: visible aids, cartolina, strips of paper, flashcards values infused: sportsmanship and teamwork process: a. Education 1. Acting routinary sports 2. Assessment of the past lesson synonyms and antonyms the teacher offers ten pairs of words and asks them to pick out whether they may be synonyms or antonyms. Instance: ugly ± unattractive = synonyms lazy ± industrious = antonyms three. Motivation the magnificence is divided into corporations for a contest; group admirable and crew beautiful. Pick ten gamers from every team. Then, the trainer gives the mechanics of the game. Here¶s the rule of thumb: a. Every member of the group gets a strip of paper inside the container and examine aloud what's written on it. Make sure to speak surely. B. Then go to the front and look for the that means in their chosen query. C. Go to the board and post it in keeping with its numbering. D. The institution who completed the mission first will be declared as winner. Purpose questions: team admirable this word is synonymous to pay attention. This word means head of the school. This word is synonymous to crack, split, or break. This word approach a part of something. This word approach water falling in drops, condensed from vapor. It method to have sailed through the air. Team beautiful this phrase way ³this location.? this phrase is synonymous to rule, law or fact. This word way to stop motion. This is the opposite of conflict.

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