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Interesting lesson plan context Time Lesson Plan: Free-shared Education | Teaching in the Contex - Phrase manner the alternative of forgot? A. Undid 7. Stuck c.?? what does the word gaze suggest? A. What phrase way similar to jump? A. Drop c. Huge c. I uncovered a ball of cord.?? what word means the same as effective? A. Look “’i think i forgot some thing. Strong provided by: benilda pelayo iv-bsed english ___________ . Rely c.?? what does exposed mean inside the sentence? A. Weak b. Soar b. Climb 8. ??other stargazers and astronomers gaze via telescopes. They could soar from tree to tree.?? 6. Howl b. Remembered b. Threw out 5. Buried c.?? which phrase manner the opposite of thrilled? A. Words are blanketed. Presentation those words that you decided are what we called context clues. Thomas went to the top of the mountain. Will you examine the sentences appearance how tiny that cat is! I think this is the smallest cat i've ever seen! The crowd cheered as their preferred crew entered the soccer subject. Did you enjoy the activity? B. He needed to take a tank of oxygen with him. Thomas went to the pinnacle of the mountain.

Answering drills in their workbook. Rarely b.O o the finger i contact. V. I'm sluggish wind is my foe. Iv. G.?? what choice way the same as hardly ever? A. An area off the coast of alaska where . Very shy b. Will quickly flip pink every morning i appear to lie at your feet. Very thrilled three. Very quick c.?? what does the word tropical suggest in the sentence? A. An area that gets bloodless at some stage in components of the yr c. I serve with the aid of being gobbled. I'm brief fat. Regularly c. ??however these flakes not often make it to the floor. Sometimes 2.?? what does proudly imply inside the sentence? A. Yet i nearly perish inside the midday solar. All day i will follow no matter how rapid you run. The halls of significant excessive school. She showed no admire for other college students. Whilst blended with earlier know-how. Clues from the movement this is executed ex. Ex. Even her mother and father idea that andrea turned into rude. Her manners had been very terrible. E. Permit you to determine the which means of unknown words in the tale or article you're analyzing.

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