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Great edtpa task 2 sample TPA Task 3: Assessing Student Learning | jdreeseportf - Organized and intentional tests are an indispensable part of planning and assessment duties. Tests also are a aspect of instruction, which include preparing inquiries to ask students ahead of time, for promoting engagement or deepening gaining knowledge of. Exams ought to vary to provide quantitative (numerical) and qualitative (descriptive) varieties of information. As an instance, comparing accurate solutions to objective gadgets on pre-evaluation (collection begin) and publish-evaluation (sequence quit) effects can display whole-magnificence and character pupil learning over time.

1. Which lesson or lessons are shown inside the video clips? Become aware of the lesson(s) via lesson plan range. [lesson number 2, titled public opinion and the media is one of the clips featured in this commentary as well as lesson number 4, titled electoral college lesson plan. The clips from these lessons will be the major focus moving forward for this commentary.] 2. Selling a positive learning surroundings talk to scenes inside the movies wherein you supplied a wonderful learning environment. a. How did you exhibit mutual appreciate for, rapport with, and responsiveness to students with numerous wishes and backgrounds, and task students to interact in gaining knowledge of? [beginning at 33 seconds and ending at roughly 2:05 of lesson 2, we are about to have our discussion on how social media impacts our public opinion. I wanted to set the tone first and really connect with them as teenagers. I simply asked “how many of you have/use social media??? i wanted to be able to relate with them. After this we discussed social media for the rest of the clip. In this clip, it’s easy to see that the students and i have a mutual respect; the classroom is not out of hand when i brought up social media. They clearly enjoy the discussion and at times are laughing during our discussion. I have good rapport with them; all of us are discussing the same things as a class and we constantly bring up different viewpoints; we show that we all care about one another’s viewpoint on an issue. Finally, the video shows my responsiveness to students questions on the discussion, and you can also see how effectively i call on a student to respond and follow up with good praise and respect for their contribution for discussion. This clip also shows how i keep my students engaged. At 6:41, i begin to talk about the rolling stone cover of george zimmerman, the man who shot and killed trayvon martin. this conversation transitions into a conversation on the boston marathon bomber, dzhokhar tsarnaev, and his rolling stone cover. During this entire discussion/lecture, students are fully engaged in what’s being discussed. That was the point of this lesson. Government, at times, can be a hard subject for students to get engaged with, but by putting things out there that’s relevant to the lives of students makes the even more engaged, and because my school is in an urban setting, and my students were old enough to remember both instances, i put this piece in the discussion with hopes that they would be engaged; and i was right.] 3. Attractive students in studying refer to examples from the movies on your responses to the prompts. a. Provide an explanation for how your coaching engaged students in.

Mission 2: education statement respond to the activates beneath (no extra than 6 unmarried-spaced pages, together with activates) via typing your responses in the brackets following each set off. Do now not delete or modify the activates. Statement pages exceeding the maximum will not be scored. You could insert no greater than 2 additional pages of assisting documentation on the quit of this file. These pages may additionally include images, texts, or pics that are not in reality seen inside the video or a transcript for once in a while inaudible portions. these pages do now not rely towards your page overall.

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