Great Daily Lesson Plan Form 1 Let'S Learn English The Easy Way: Lesson Plan - Unit 6 (Safe An

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Great daily lesson plan form 1 Let's Learn English The Easy Way: Lesson Plan - Unit 6 (Safe an - 1 thru (i) skimming and scanning listen to. Values sm and classify the grammar perceive and use .2.1 exhibit know-how with the aid of : (iv) uncountable . Performances discriminate and 3.3 eight april think twice texts share private 2. Global sustainability experiences orally (iii) countable various literary chapter 4 nouns works i-think tools english 2.1 graphic novel . specific feelings and give easy in keeping with context read and .1 rread numerous texts and retrive leterary works records with the aid of: 1. (I) figuring out fundamental ideas in given nouns five. Monetary training recognition descriptions of private : understand . Environmental 26 mac -13.

2 locate and organise information by using image organisers.2. Tree map Float map 2.Three. Circle map 9 feb from print media by using the use of : identify and use read and .Eleven 5. Double bubble map thaipusam (i) dictionary query forms apprehend .2 .2 understand meanings of phrases 4.1 demonstarte knowledge by using as it should be numerous leterary - 10 feb (i) identifying most important ideas in given in keeping with works cuti texrs context: peristiwa 2.2. 6.

2 listen to and reply to spoken. Circle map (ii) identify purpose and impact identify and use examine and . listen to and respond to four.1. /U/ respnnses to . Values nt tactics verbs appropriately five.3 (ii) outlining pay attention to. Audio and consistent with context listen to and substainability mac chapter three visual texts to : : respond orally to . Waft map mac audio and visible texts to : 4. Create and three.2 .2. Multi-float map cuti tenses appropritely apprehend pertengahan 2. International sustainability (i) retrive foremost thoughts i) everyday variuos literary ujian mac nature’s (ii) retrive helping thoughts ii) irregular verbs works i-assume equipment 13-16 warning! 1.2. Literary text examine three.1.Three apply pre-writing strategies : /i:/ .2 apprehend meanings of words in step with context various literary penggal from print media with the aid of the usage of: : works 18-26 mac (i) dictionary ii) easy beyond 2. Language eight. /I/ (i) notice-taking 1.Four (i) figuring out principal ideas in given proportion non-public texts /u:/ .9.1 .Three.1 pay attention to spoken.7 5.7 image novel .1 5.2.1 reveal understanding by means of : worrying environme instructions.1. Environmental 19 feb – sixteen 1. Commands and identify and use .1 write for instructional and discriminate and bring linear functional purposes : pronounce and /or photograph (i) 1ec5f5ec77c51a968271b2ca9862907d correctly: presentation in a i) lengthy and brief a laugh manner vowel health.

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