Fresh Ignou Lesson Plan Format Buy Hindi Lesson Plan (Hindi) Book Online At Low Prices In Indi

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) Proton.) Proton and neutron neutron b. Scholar trainer name abdul vahid : .) Neutron and electron c..A. Fill within the blanks: • • fee of proton is ………………. Electron and q. In an atom variety of protons is identical to quantity of electrons.1) write residences of various sub particles of atom.2) what's atom? Proper/fake • • weight of electron is protected while calculating the weight of atom. Q. Domestic project: write in information about sub atomic particles. Mass of proton is ………………….

Rate.J.) Negative c.) What are nucleon? . Electron. What are sub atomic debris? What are nucleons? Why weight of electron is not covered even as calculating weight of atom? Who determined neutron? Evaluating questions: mcq: q1. Three. Discovered by way of j.6 x 10-19 coulomb.. Discovered james chadwic no by • houses of sub particles of atom • • • • • • protonhas high-quality fee of magnitude of one.

Objectives: • • • • • to acquaint students approximately sub particles of atom. To enhance logical and analytical wondering regarding shape and balance of atom. To use obtained know-how of sub atomic particles. To inculcate dependancy of meticulous commentary. Chalks. Audio video presentation. To expand clinical approach among rookies about structure of count. Teaching points:1. Diagram and figures in appropriate way and in proper scale. Sub particles of atom 3. Records. To provide graph. Houses of sub debris of atom previous information: students have primary knowledge of be counted. Symbols. Definitions. To simply accept principle/law on basis of logic associated with atomic structure. Concepts and assumptions associated with sub atomic debris in element.

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