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Talents supply the plural forms of the words within the parentheses. 0.33. And (3) (4) (five) (industry) _________________.C. If a unique noun ends with s. (Building) _________________. Eight. Assessment write the form of the following nouns. Palabay teacher applicant . First. Chico. Motor________ 6. Box___________ four. Generalization what are the rules in converting singular nouns in plural bureaucracy? 1. 1. Dress_________ three. 3. Nine. Fourth. Second.___________ elephant__________ key_____________ brush___________ cowboy__________ v. (Tree)_________________ are critical to human beings. Then in one whole sheet of paper supply five examples on each rule. Iv. If a novel noun ends with a vowel and y add s to formlural d . They give us (eight) (9) (fruit) _________________ like mango. Kite__________ 2. They supply us (10) the air that we need to be able to breathe. (Magazine) _________________ and information papers. Project observe very well the one of a kind guidelines. They supply us with paper for our (letter) _________________. And avocado. If a singular noun ends with consonant and y exchange y to i and upload es to shape the plural four. Prepared by: ana pleasure l. Ss. Upload es to shape the plural. 7. (Manufacturing unit) _________________. Lesson. 10. Write your answers in the blanks. They're the source of many (aspect) (1) _________________ that we want in our ordinary life.

I. Targets: on the quit of the lesson, the pupils are predicted to a) shape the plural of nouns successfully b) show proper approaches of keeping our body healthy c) write the proper spelling of nouns ( ending in s, ss, ch .X ,y ) of their plural form. Subject rely: working with singular and plural nouns reference: english language three p.96-107 bec.Four.2 p.13 values: saving money, being wholesome substances: actual objects and pictures skills: writing, analyzing and thinking techniques: teacher’s hobby a. Preparation 1. Evaluate (the instructor will display pix and permit the scholars enumerate what they could see) elegance what can you see within the photograph? Very good!!! What a part of speech are those phrases? These phrases are nouns can you define noun based at the given phrases. What is noun? 2. Motivation i'm able to display real objects and name each object children what is this? Superb!! 3. Valuing do you plant fruits and vegetables to your backyard? Do you love to devour fruits and greens? What are the advantages of consuming end result and veggies? Superb!! We don’t need to shop for inside the marketplace, the fruits and greens we want, we just get in our outside so we are able to shop money.

Are you able to supply noun ending in y how can we make these singular noun in plural form? What's the third rule? If a novel noun ends with a consonant and y change y to i and add es day. Class can you pick out out nouns within the dialog. Toy. How can we make these singular nouns in plural form? What is the 4th rule? . Ss.

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