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Excellent art workshops for kids March | 2012 | SLICE Ov - Embodying the emblem’s innovative spirit, its long way of life of arts patronage, as well as its ongoing commitment to corporate social obligation, louis vuitton is proud to be part of artwork dubai and pay homage to yto barrada and her creative project, morocco to the moon, in collaboration with zid zid youngsters for this specific media set up and educational workshops that might enlarge possibilities to the younger to get right of entry to the art global in a different and playful way. Luxurious and art have in no way been so closely related as in those early years of the twenty first century. Without a doubt all of the global’s primary luxury homes have related themselves with contemporary art via sponsorships, commissions or foundations which nourish the increasingly symbiotic courting between artwork and comfort, based on shared values of passion and creativity, excellence and exclusivity. Collectively, artwork and comfort have come to outline a vision, a way of life, an artwork de vivre, to which millions of human beings in the course of the arena aspire. Transmitting savoir-faire and creativity is one of the founding cornerstones of louis vuitton. Maintaining the beyond and preparing for a brighter destiny are essential values which have stimulated the maison for more than a hundred and fifty years. Supporting kids and young peoples’ futures are one of the most important actions worldwide. Louis vuitton seeks to instil and nurture an exploration, leisure and passion for the humanities among younger humans which they can take into person life and perhaps comply with as career. €?as leader of the luxury enterprise we accept as true with that we clearly have a obligation to the arena round us. Louis vuitton continues to hold its involvement within the global of artwork.

Of all modern-day luxurious manufacturers, louis vuitton can declare to preserve the richest and most varied associations with the world of artwork, focusing the attention on the transmission of art and culture and ardour for advent at different degrees and from generation to era.

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