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Complex first grade computer lesson plans 306 best 1st Grade Technology images on Pinterest | Compute - Those are the lesson titles you will discover on this useful resource: guidelines and approaches 1 technology vocabulary 2 vocabulary overview talk intro vocabulary typing net safety safety module five weeks on line studies to examine a webpage approximately on line seek engine strategies seek suggestions online information a web web page evaluation pastime data collectively plagiarism and truthful use presentation software program to writer (studies assignment) mission (four weeks) spreadsheet software program sheets excel coding lessons 1-eight a web web page. Regulations and techniques to’s of the computer to use the internet mouse exercise practice 1-11 and spacebar 1-2 keyboard practice creation arrows 1-4 1-2 , 2 classes ela exercise phrases phrases sight phrases math practice practice 1-6 internet protection safety 1-5.

These are the lesson titles you will locate in this resource: guidelines and methods day in generation phrase processing processing 1-5 processing check processing typing internet safety protection 1-6 typing olympics (4 weeks) presentation software program 1 and a couple of slides 1 and 2 spreadsheet software program training 1-three sheets classes 1-3 on-line search approximately engines like google search 1 and 2 coding code an avatar. Regulations and techniques to’s talents vocabulary 1-three typing practice 1 stamina building 2-6 lesson 7 phrase processing phrase 1-three medical doctors 1-3 presentation software 1-3 slides 1-3 hour of code hour of code net protection protection 1-3 net make a… initiatives art a leaf creature a metropolis letter internet and paste exercise a e-book cowl.

Policies and processes to’s elements to apply the net to favorites mouse and keyboard practice practice arrows healthy and make order net safety 1. Internet protection 1-4 computers and lecturers with computers 1 and a pair of recreation with computer systems 1 and a couple of phrase processing phrase 1-four exercise with computer systems presentation software program 1-3 a secret message a tale. Hi brittany - files which can be at the websites? I have up to date flash - but is there something else i can use? When i click on those, they download after which say that i do no longer have a software to run them. I.

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