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Briliant 3 i's lesson plan Standard THREE - Jessica Schiavello's Electronic Teaching Portf - Seasons on the earth | science | lesson plan | pbs learningmedia examine flowers and animals, describe how they are alike and how they're unique within the way they look and in the things they do. (Cpalms) subsequent era science. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and overall performance, and to provide you with applicable advertising. In case you retain surfing the site, you agree to the usage of cookies in this website. See our person agreement and privacy policy. Substances: liquid crystal display projector, guitar, visual aids (replica of the music “twinkle, twinkle) process a. Management of studying (mol) a. Prayer b. Setting magnificence into order c. Checking of attendance d. Reviewing of the preceding lesson b. Lesson right a. Motivation i. Hear it !Experience it! 1. Invite the students to close their eyes and set up and quiet atmosphere. The instructor will play one of a kind song. Have them sense the song. At the same time as taking note of the tune, tell the scholars to don't forget their feelings and behavior proper whilst the track is played. B. Presentation/dialogue i. Have the students participate within the discussion of what music is and its significance to humans. Ii. Interactive dialogue of the first four elements of song (melody, pace, dynamics and form. Every detail will be defined by using the instructor one after the other using the track twinkle, twinkle. The teacher will must version the right utility of factors within the tune and could ask the scholars to do it so. C. Generalization/software a. What kind of track do you like to listen to? Why? Assessment a. Assign organization to the scholars. (As a minimum 2 or 3) b. Have the corporations carry out the song assigned to them following the practise. Ika'y ibigin ko mundo ko'y biglang nagbago akala ko ika'y langit yun pala'y sakit ng ulo sabi mo noon sakin kailan can also di magbabago naniwala naman sayo ba't ngayo'y iniwan mo refrain: di mo alam dahil sa yo ako'y di makakain di rin makatulog buhat ng iyong lokohin kung ako'y muling iibig sana'y di maging katulad mo tulad mo na may also pusong bato repeat refrain sing this component using the with lagro because the tempo.

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