Best Edtpa Task 3 Assessment Commentary Examples Edtpa Teacher Performance Assessment. Planning Task Selectin

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Best edtpa task 3 assessment commentary examples EdTPA Teacher Performance Assessment. Planning Task Selectin - Undertaking three: assessment statement reply to the activates below (no more than 10 unmarried-spaced pages, together with prompts) with the aid of typing your responses inside the brackets following each prompt. Do now not delete or adjust the activates. Statement pages exceeding the maximum will now not be scored. Attach the evaluation you used to evaluate pupil performance (no more than five additional pages) to the quit of this record. If you publish comments as a video or audio clip and your remarks to attention college students can not be absolutely heard, attach transcriptions of your comments (no extra than 2 extra pages) to the stop of this document. Those pages do no longer depend closer to your page overall. 1. Analyzing pupil getting to know a. Perceive the specific gaining knowledge of objectives and requirements measured by means of the assessment you chose for analysis. [ this lesson set focused on students being able to break down and read rhythms in compound time signatures, learn to listen in a different way, and connect historical and cultural content to the music. This covers multiple standards: generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work, refine and complete artistic work, perceive and analyze artistic work, and apply criteria to evaluate artistic work. ] b. Offer a graphic (desk or chart) or narrative that summarizes pupil gaining knowledge of to your entire class. Make certain to summarize scholar getting to know for all assessment criteria submitted in venture three, part d. [ when asked to describe one difference between compound and simple meter, 73% of the students answered correctly. The piece that is highlighted in this lesson segment is in compound meter, and we discussed this on the first day of the segment. 82% of students answered how many beats a quarter note gets in 12/8 time correctly. 91% of students answered correctly when this question was asked about an eighth note. Many students struggled answering the question of breaking down sixteenth note triplets in compound meter. We covered this topic in the woodwinds, as they have this rhythm very often throughout the piece. my wording could have been unclear, because they were all able to perform this in the recorded videos. 100% of students were able at some level to define and describe “subdivision” in the written assessment. This is a big improvement from where we started in the first lesson, but some could still use some clarification on simplified definition that can be recalled easier. ] c. Use proof located inside the three pupil paintings samples and the whole elegance precis to examine the patterns of studying for the whole magnificence and differences for organizations or man or woman newcomers relative to growing, acting, or responding to track/dance/theater by using making use of .

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