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Valuable reading lesson plan british council A cover letter | LearnEnglish Teens - British Cou - Level: intermediate b1 advent what’s your favourite scent? Did you know that flies can flavor with their toes? In this lesson, college students read and speak approximately the 5 senses - sight hearing, touch, flavor and scent - in terms of humans and animals. They training informal language for introducing and responding to unexpected news. Novices take a look at senses vocabulary and finish with a discussion. Manner lead in • tell the class approximately a time (real or invented) while you had a cold and couldn’t smell or flavor meals. Have they ever had the equal experience? Ask the scholars to pick out the 5 senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell). Undertaking 1: a verbal exchange • hand out assignment 1. Ask students to finish exercising a after which check answers as a class. ?? you could ask of the stronger students to study out the communique in exercising b while the others follow and listen. Instead you can study the a part of chris and emphasise the intonation of his casual language (no way! You’re kidding!??). College students discuss their solution in pairs. ?? college students decide if the statements in exercising c are genuine or false in my opinion then examine solutions in pairs. ?? college students do exercising d in pairs. The expressions are inside the order that they appear within the textual content. Ask whether or not these expressions are casual or formal (very casual). ?? you may drill the words and expressions in workout d and then ask students to practise the conversation in exercise b in pairs. Could any pairs like to carry out the verbal exchange for the class (with out reading!)? Answers challenge 1 1a: sight - eyes, hearing - ears, contact - hand, flavor - tongue, scent - nostril 1b: smell (and sight for watching television) 1c: 1 false, 2 actual, three true, 4 false, five genuine 1d: 1.

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