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Useful lesson plan for science and technology Lesson Plan Bridge (Scie - Difficulty matter pc and network factor and its capabilities, lesson 2 on unit 1, module on pc 10, by vincent p. Celda (unpublished). Materials: laptop components, distinct networking additives (lan cards, routers, switch/hub, cat5e utp cables with rj forty five connectors on both ends), charts,, pentel pens. €? • laptop components and its function networking additives d. Utility (group pastime) list down the one-of-a-kind network additives had to setup a community. ?? • • how had been you capable of provide you with the preferred output? What went well on your activity? What is going to you do to enhance for your organization outputs next time you'll have every other hobby? Feature e. What's known as optical drive? To what is a reminiscence function compared to? What happens while a laptop does not have ample amount of strength? What's going to occur if a transfer-hub is not to be had in the community? V. 3. Determine their functions via finishing the chart underneath network additives 1. Valuing 1. 5. Four. Four. Settlement visit the pc laboratory and observe what you have got learned fron this lesson. Five. Assessment do the exercising personally. 1. Give the most critical factor in network that plays a essential function. Three. What can you do to allow the computer in accurate running circumstance even as linked to a community? Iv. 2. . 2. Slideshare uses cookies to improve capability and performance, and to offer you with applicable marketing. In case you maintain browsing the site, you agree to using cookies on this website. See our consumer agreement and privateness coverage.

Slideshare makes use of cookies to improve capability and performance, and to offer you with relevant advertising. In case you continue surfing the web page, you compromise to the usage of cookies in this internet site. See our privateness policy and user settlement for information. Goals learning final results 1: plan and put together for configuration 1. Perceive the necessary computer thing used in configuration 2. Decide the capabilities of each pc factor utilized in configuring. Three. Give the most important factor that plays a critical position in a community. If you’re noticeably new in the education field or are thinking about getting into it then you definitely possibly have a vague idea approximately lesson plan. However, it is also in all likelihood that you don’t have a valid expertise of the aforementioned concept. If that is indeed the case you then in all likelihood need to find out what lesson plan truely is and what it encompasses. So what's a lesson plan? A framework for lesson, a lesson plan is the map each instructor wishes. The lesson plan indicates wherein to start and in which you end. Furthermore, it establishes the path to take.

Process a. Evaluation a. What's laptop configuration? B. What is the use of computer configuration? B. Motivation a. Would you like to learn configure to computers all by means of your self? B. Why could you like to understand how to configure? C. Gaining knowledge of activities a. Interest can you listing a few important elements of the pc found inside the casing? What are their functions? Display your answers through this chart. A part of a pc feature 1. 2. Three. 4. 5. B. Evaluation 1. What did you do inside the hobby? 2. What did you examine from the pastime? C. Abstraction displaying strength point presentation (lesson proper).

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