Unusual Lesson Plan Year 2 English Year 2 Plants Planning. Go T

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B) washing gadget, mixer, blender, food processor three. Trainer asks questions and get the pupils to respond orally. e.G.: Where can you find the gadgets? in the dwelling room / within the kitchen practice: (20 mins) mainstream sports: 1. Trainer divides the students into groups. 2. Trainer distributes picture cards of the items to the students. 3. Trainer reads the riddles approximately the gadgets. e.G: we use it to wash clothes. (Washing device) four. Gets the pupils to guess the items based totally on the playing cards given. 5. The pupils keep the cards based totally on their guessing and tell the names of the items according to the riddles examine with the aid of the teacher. 6. Scholars positioned the photos in accurate categories. linus activities: 1. Teacher locations all the playing cards face down at the ground. e.G: photograph playing cards : a) rice cooker - rice b) refrigerator – meals c) washing machine – garments d) cell cellphone – make calls 2. The pupils take flip turning over 2 cards at a time. 3. If the cards suit, they maintain that pair of cards. four. Trainer say out the usage of the home equipment/objects. 5. The students name the items/appliances based totally on what the instructor stated. production: (15 minutes) mainstream activities: 1. Instructor asks questions about the objects and get the pupils to answer orally. e.G.: A) what object is this?.

Sheet b to the scholars. four. Teacher will write one verse of the lyrics on the blackboard. 5. Teacher will underline the phrases that need to be changed. 6. Teacher asks college students to update the underlined words from the lyrics with the words from the assignment sheet b. 7. Instructor will sing the song and do the movement for every replaced phrases, verse-byverse. 8. Teacher will repeat the movement two times.

Set induction: (5 mins) 1. Instructor plays the sounds of the gadgets. 2. Students call the objects based at the sounds. e.G: washing device, fan, radio, tv, blender, mixer presentation: (15 minutes) 1. Trainer indicates photos of the items. e.G: a) gadgets in the living room b) gadgets within the kitchen 2. Pupils name the gadgets based totally at the images. e.G.: A) television, radio, fan, computer.

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