Unusual How To Make A Lesson Plan For Computer Subject Dangler Flowchart Lesson

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Unusual how to make a lesson plan for computer subject Dangler Flowchart Lesson - 2. 5. Deliver the maximum essential thing in network that performs a essential role. What can you do to permit the laptop in correct running condition at the same time as related to a network? Iv. Utility (institution interest) list down the special community additives needed to setup a network. 3. Valuing 1. Assessment do the exercising personally. . ?? • • how were you able to give you the desired output? What went nicely on your activity? What's going to you do to enhance to your group outputs subsequent time you may have every other pastime? Feature e. Decide their capabilities by completing the chart under network components 1. 4. 2.?? • laptop components and its function networking additives d. 4. Agreement go to the pc laboratory and practice what you have got discovered fron this lesson. 5. 1. What is known as optical power? To what's a reminiscence function in comparison to? What happens when a computer does now not have enough quantity of strength? What is going to happen if a switch-hub is not available within the community? V. 3. Challenge remember computer and community thing and its features, lesson 2 on unit 1, module on laptop 10, through vincent p. Celda (unpublished). Substances: pc components, one of a kind networking components (lan cards, routers, switch/hub, cat5e utp cables with rj 45 connectors on both ends), charts,, pentel pens.

Process a. Evaluate a. What's computer configuration? B. What is the use of laptop configuration? B. Motivation a. Could you want to study configure to computer systems all via yourself? B. Why would you want to understand how to configure? C. Learning sports a. Interest can you listing a few crucial parts of the computer discovered within the casing? What are their capabilities? Show your answers through this chart. Part of a pc feature 1. 2. Three. Four. 5. B. Evaluation 1. What did you do within the pastime? 2. What did you learn from the interest? C. Abstraction showing electricity factor presentation (lesson right). Objectives getting to know outcome 1: plan and put together for configuration 1. Perceive the vital laptop thing used in configuration 2. Decide the features of every laptop element used in configuring. 3. Give the maximum important thing that performs a vital position in a network.

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