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Typical edtpa context for learning example Context for Learning for edTPA - You - Challenge 1: context for gaining knowledge of records respond to the prompts under (no extra than 4 unmarried-spaced pages, including prompts) through typing your responses in the brackets following every activate. Do no longer delete or regulate the prompts. Pages exceeding the maximum will no longer be scored. Approximately the school where you are coaching 1. In what sort of college do you educate? (Type an “x” next to the best description; if “other” applies, provide a short description.) simple school: _____ middle school: _____ high school: __x___ different (please describe): _____ city: _____ suburban: __x___ rural: _____ 2. List any unique functions of your faculty or school room setting (e.G., Constitution, co-teaching, themed magnet, study room aide, bilingual, group taught with a unique schooling trainer) with a view to affect your teaching in this mastering segment. [ i am teaching in a public suburban high school this is quite near a metropolis. The school is a 9-12 high faculty with 2,500 students enrolled (making it quite large). The faculty has an 87% commencement charge. Forty three.5% of the scholars are economically disadvantaged. 46% of the scholars are english language newcomers. The school consists of a student population this is 50% white, 26.Five% hispanic, 10.Nine% black, nine.6% asian, and 3% other. The college is one in every of 4 within the district: all of the schools inside the district are high faculties. The pupil to trainer ratio at the faculty is eleven:1. the school i'm coaching at has the highest percentage of pupil participation in music inside the district, with a legacy of exquisite tune instructors and accomplishments. It's been diagnosed as a grammy® signature school 3 instances and has severa students every year who take part in state festivals. Performing ensembles at the college have taken tours across the u . S . And across the world. There are approximately 30 track classes and/or ensembles (curricular and extracurricular) presented at the college, with five track teachers and an accompanist. over six hundred students are involved inside the music branch. There are private teachers to be had at some stage in lunch hours and after college, and the song department has a booster software that helps provide personal lesson scholarships to around 60 students, as it has a massive budget because of yr-round fundraising efforts. There's an orchestra, choir, and band room, further to a song technology lab used for piano class and ap tune theory. There's a track library room, 6 exercise rooms, a small theater that seats approximately two hundred people, and a big auditorium that seats around 1,500 people. due to the fact i did no longer attend a school that is as diverse as the one i am scholar coaching at, i've worked very difficult to get to realize my college students and establish relationships with them primarily based on mutual reports. I've additionally taken as many possibilities as i will to get to understand college students and attempt to understand reviews that many college students have had that i've not. For example, a favourite conversation topic of mine is coming across what students eat at domestic, and evaluating them to what i consume (i'm typically quite jealous in their cooking talents, which we both locate very funny or we find as a way to empathize with every different). I additionally relate to my. Context for learning statistics context for studying facts directions: reply to the activates underneath (no greater than three single-spaced pages, such as prompts) by way of typing your responses within the brackets following each spark off. Do not delete or modify the activates; each the activates and your responses are covered inside the general web page remember allowed. Talk to the evidence chart inside the manual to ensure that this record complies with all format specifications. Pages exceeding the most will now not be scored.

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