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Typical daily lesson plan chemistry form 4 Calaméo - Lesson plan_Colligative Proper - College students need to be capable of :  give an explanation for the meaning of chemistry  listing some not unusual chemical compounds utilized in each day lifestyles  country the makes use of of commonplace chemicals in day by day existence  listing examples of occupations that require the understanding of chemistry  listing chemical- based totally industries in malaysia  describe the contribution of chemical based totally industries towards the development of the u . S .  identify variables in a given state of affairs  become aware of the connection among variables to form a hyphotesis  design and perform a simple test to test the hypothesis  document and gift facts in a appropriate shape  interpret statistics to draw a end  write a record of the research  perceive scientific attitudes and values practised via scientists in sporting out investigations  training scientific attitudes and values in undertaking medical investigations students must be capable of :  describe the particulate nature of count  country the kinetic concept of count number  define atoms, molecules and ions  relate the change inside the kingdom of count to the exchange in warmth  relate the trade in heat to the exchange in kinetic power of. ς? describe the development of atomic model  nation the primary subatomic particles of an atom  evaluate and evaluation the relative mass and the relative rate  of the protons, electrons and neutrons  outline proton variety and nucleon range  assemble the atomic shape  determine the proton quantity  decide the nucleon quantity  relate the proton quantity to nucleon range  relate the proton quantity to the kind of detail  write the image of elements  determine the wide variety of neutrons, protons and electrons  from the proton range and nucleon variety and vice versa.

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