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Typical basic lesson plan Basic Lesson Plan Template | Professional Temp - 2. Technique of records presentation fundamental 1 hr 30 min 2.1. Creation to methods of information collection 2.2. Frequency distributions: qualitative, quantitative (obsolute , relative , percent and cumulative) 2.3. Diagrammatic and graphical illustration of data (bar charts, pie- chart, histogram, frequency polygon, frequency curve and ogive curve).

B. Analysis and abstraction students are requested to pick out the steps in creating a feather stitch and fish bone stitch. power point presentation at the steps in developing feather and fish bone stitches. steps in making a feather sew.

Preserving the thread below the needle point pull the thread via to make the primary stitch. Come up once more on the 1/3 line. Conserving the thread down along with your left thumb. 5. Four. . You’re essentially making a series of scallops which are held in location by means of the start of the following stitch. Mark your fabric with 4 parallel pointers. Keep working backward and forward across the strains. Do the identical element again with the needle down on the first line and returned up on the second. Then. Come up on the second line.1. 3. Insert your needle on the third line in spite of where the thread emerges. Now insert your needle at the fourth line and parallel to where your needle emerged at the last stitch. To begin bring your thread to the the front on the primary line. 2. Running downward and diagonally.

Planning your instructions simply were given a bit bit less complicated. Use our lesson plan templates to craft fun and hard sports for your lessons. They can be as simple or as precise as you want them to be, from our basic lesson plan template to our trainer lesson plan e-book. Our templates are smooth and collegiate, with lots of room for personalization. Edit a plan proper inside your browser, and upload college colors or emblems for a touch flair. Whether you fill them out online or print them to fill in later, our lesson plan templates will assist you streamline and be triumphant this semester.

(handicraft) i. Goals: at the end of the lesson students are anticipated to: 1. Become aware of the one of a kind embroidery stitches together with feather and fish bone stitches 2. Carry out specific embroidery stitches (feather and fish bone stitch) primarily based at the given steps three. Well determined using embroidery tools four. Determined right working conduct ii. A. Issue count number idea: feather and fish bone embroidery stitches. value awareness: improvement of excellent operating habit. b. References: handicraft production, exploratory direction for grade 7 and grade 8, k-12 primary education curriculum anchor embroidery stitches. A hundred embroidery stitches. A coats e-book e-book no. 1070: 1989 arribas, lydia b. Era and home economics- associated crafts fourth 12 months. Phoenix publishing house. inc.:1999 cruz, nonita l. Handicraft i- first yr domestic economics. Abiva publishing residence, inc: 1967 iii. Process: developmental hobby gaining knowledge of pastime.

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