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Wednesday / 26th january 2011 9.45 a.M. ?? 10.Forty five a.M. / 1 hour 3 cerdik /eleven grammar “articles (with singular nouns)” articles ‘a’, ‘an’, and ‘the’ via the cease of the lesson, students ought to be able to: 1. Understand how the three exceptional articles are used 2. Become aware of which article is accurate for distinctive nouns with the aid of the quit of the lesson, students have to be able to: 1. Write at the least 5 correct articles for five words 2. Categorise phrases in line with the ideal article by using pasting the ideal solution on the manila card prepared 1. Grouping and categorising 11.5 hardworking 12.3 supporting one another 1. Institution chart 2. Individual chart three. Praise stickers 4. Powerpoint presentation 5. Worksheet 1 6. Worksheet 2 7. Manila card eight. Envelope containing photographs 9. Tack-it 1. Students have learnt approximately singular and plural nouns 2. Scholars have learnt approximately common and proper nouns.

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B) washing machine, mixer, blender, food processor three. Trainer asks questions and get the scholars to respond orally. e.G.: Wherein are you able to locate the objects? within the residing room / in the kitchen exercise: (20 mins) mainstream sports: 1. Instructor divides the students into businesses. 2. Instructor distributes picture cards of the items to the scholars. 3. Trainer reads the riddles approximately the objects. e.G: we use it to wash garments. (Washing machine) four. Gets the scholars to guess the gadgets based totally on the cards given. five. The scholars preserve the cards based totally on their guessing and inform the names of the objects in step with the riddles examine by means of the instructor. 6. Scholars positioned the snap shots in accurate categories. linus sports: 1. Instructor locations all the playing cards face down on the ground. e.G: picture cards : a) rice cooker - rice b) refrigerator – food c) washing machine – garments d) cellular cellphone – make calls 2. The pupils take flip turning over 2 cards at a time. three. If the cards match, they hold that pair of playing cards. 4. Teacher say out the usage of the appliances/objects. five. The students name the objects/appliances based on what the instructor said. production: (15 minutes) mainstream activities: 1. Trainer asks questions on the gadgets and get the students to answer orally. e.G.: A) what item is that this?.

Set induction: (five mins) 1. Trainer plays the sounds of the objects. 2. Students call the items based totally at the sounds. e.G: washing system, fan, radio, tv, blender, mixer presentation: (15 minutes) 1. Teacher indicates photographs of the objects. e.G: a) items within the dwelling room b) gadgets in the kitchen 2. Students call the items based at the images. e.G.: A) tv, radio, fan, pc.

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