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Top lesson plan for science 6th class 6th Class Science Model Lesson Plans inTelugu Medium - Educationa - That’s right. 2. Motivation magnificence, do you need to play a game? True, now i can organization you into 4. Each institution will select a pacesetter and a secretary. (Grouping the magnificence) organization 1- betelgeuse institution 2- polaris institution 3-sirius group 4- capella sure ma’am sure ma’am. A.A. i have study your lesson plans , it's so a good deal guidance for the brand new comers. Bring on this struggle. I would like to tell you a few present day techniques for lesson planning which might be in line with the cpd ( keeps expert improvement ) . These are used inside the area now a days. Distinctive lesson plan in technology vi i- goal: perceive stars consistent with colour, length and brightness. Ii- learning goals: a. Problem rely: “characteristics of stars” 1. Concept  stars range in color, size and brightness. Stars maybe blue, white, yellow, purple and black in colour. In length, some stars are bigger or smaller than others. Not all stars that appear at night shine with the identical brightness. 2. Procedure talents gazing, speaking and classifying b. Reference: constructing expertise in science and fitness vi pp. 189-191 into the future: science and health vi pp. 245-254 c. Substances: puzzle (famous person), photograph, dye, cotton, instructional device d. Cost consciousness: respect the works of god iii- learning manner: a. Initial activities 1. Prayer 2. Greetings b. Developmental activities instructor’s pastime student’s hobby 1. Evaluation magnificence, what device is locate to exaggerate and look at distance gadgets? Correct. Can you provide me examples of a telescope? The specific types of telescope are: 1. Refracting telescope 2. Reflecting telescope 3. Spectroscope four. Radio telescope ma’am, we name it telescope. Have you ever already selected you chief and secretary? Just a reminder, while were having a collection activity, speak with your institution mate silently. Keep away from annoying other corporations. Do you apprehend? The leaders and the assistant will represent.

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