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Special lesson plan in english 4 Sample Lesson Plan: T20 Eating Out | Prepositions and Worksh - I. Objectives  discover the proper and not unusual nouns  write a brief paragraph approximately their wishes for their birthday  share the importance of right and not unusual nouns for ordinary lifestyles values integration: giving importance of making use of small and capital letters on the start of every names/thoughts. ii. Issue rely topic: types of nouns (english) reference: language arts 4 (pages 23-25) materials: powerpoint presentation (not unusual and proper nouns), cartolina, white board marker and quiz sheets teaching methodology: inductive approach iii. Method teacher’s activities. A. Starting pastime 1. Prayer - “elegance, allow us to stand for our prayer. (Name of the student), kindly lead the prayer for these days.?? 2. Greetings - “true morning magnificence!?? three. Checking of attendance - “who is absent for today??? four. Overview - “earlier than we start our lesson for these days, do you don't forget on what you had discovered the day prior to this??? - “what part of speech tells the names of a person, aspect, region, activities, animal, flowers, and any forms of nature??? - “correct! Supply me one example of a name of a person??? - “excellent! Provide me one instance of a name of a factor??? - “very good! Provide me one instance of a name of a place that you go to maximum??? - “excellent! Deliver me one example of a call of an event which may be very special for you??? - “when is your birthday??? - “very good! Provide me 3 examples of names of animals, flowers and different forms of nature??? - “for individuals who got the perfect solution, allow’s supply them a growth – growth clap.?? 5. Motivation “elegance, right here’s the conversation of liza and his dad about their visit to her grandparents in manila. On her way, she sees many stuff in manila. This communication will play handiest with the aid of one boy and one lady only. Who desires to examine the communication of ben and his dad? ?? - the teacher will name one boy and one girl inside the class. liza: oh, daddy, i’m so excited to peer lolo and lola. I’m additionally eager to peer manila. daddy: there are numerous places to peer in manila liza: certainly! What are those places? daddy: on our manner, we are able to bypass through alabang, sucat, taguig, makati and pasay. Integrate two phrases to form compound words. 3. Provide examples of compound words. Four. Shape compound words and use them within the sentence. 5. Take part and cooperate in the elegance. Ii. Problem matter: a. Topic: “forming compound words” b. Reference: gahol, pacita, et. Al. A laugh in nglish iv(language), jgm and s organisation, 1999 c. Materials: cut-outs, pics, pocket chart, actual objects together with plant, egg, toothpaste, sunglass, basket, ball, board paintings d. Integration: 1. Values: kindness, endurance, merciful 2. Technology iii. Mastering system: a. Coaching: 1. Routinized activities: a. Prayer b. Greeting c. Checking of attendance d. Checking of assignment 2. Evaluate: trainer’s hobby before we proceed to our new lesson, allow us to first recollect our previous lesson. What turned into our subject matter yesterday? Our topic yesterday was all about the characteristic of noun specifically range. Pupil’s activity.

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