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Special edtpa study guide Teacher Candidate Edition — edTPA description, cost, registratio - 1. Critical consciousness a. Describe the valuable attention and cause of the content you'll teach in the learning segment. [the central focus of my learning segment is based around students examining and analyzing different things from the early history of the united states: the lives of the founding fathers and their connections with each other, government as described in the declaration of independence, and the failures of the articles of confederation. This will be accomplished through students investigating the lives of the founders and examining the text of the declaration of independence and the articles of confederation. the next unit in the overall course schedule is on the u.S. Constitution, and is the final unit for the quarter in this semester-long class. I chose the lessons in the learning segment as a way of setting the foundation and the context for the constitution, such as why it was written the way it was and why the founders decided to structure the federal government the way they did. I know that you can understand and know the basic functions of government by reading the constitution, but i believe that to really understand it and know it you must have knowledge about the men who wrote it as well as the documents and government that came before. Each lesson informs the next one. In addition, lesson 2 (declaration of independence) will help students get used to reading government documents like this, because lesson 3 (articles of confederation) will utilize the same skills from lesson 2 to a greater extent. The articles of confederation are much longer and more complex, so giving the students a similar assessment on a smaller scale will help build them towards lesson 3. lesson 1 (founding fathers and relationships in government) is a lesson that is very important to me personally based on my previous work experience at the state legislature. The purpose of the lesson is to analyze biographical details and then draw connections between the founders, those connections being their relationships with each other. In my own personal experience working in government, relationships are incredibly important and underrated. While the purpose of the u.S. Government class is for students to learn about the purposes, structure, and functions of government, the most important facet of government (humans making the decisions) is forgotten about. I have seen great things accomplished in government because strong relationships and understandings were able to overcome partisan differences. I have also seen political deals and compromises completely fall apart because of a lack of relationships or understandings. While not outlined in any standards, i believe that the applications for understanding the human side of government are incredibly valuable, which is why lesson 1 is included in the learning segment.] b. Given the principal consciousness, describe how the standards and learning targets inside your studying segment deal with  information and ideas. Venture 1: planning observation respond to the prompts underneath (no extra than nine unmarried-spaced pages, which include prompts) via typing your responses within the brackets. Do no longer delete or regulate the activates. Pages exceeding the most will no longer be scored.

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