Simple Lesson Plan Year 2 Reflection Clipart Lesson Plan - Pencil And In Color Reflectio

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B) washing machine, mixer, blender, food processor three. Teacher asks questions and get the pupils to reply orally. e.G.: Wherein can you find the objects? within the dwelling room / within the kitchen exercise: (20 mins) mainstream sports: 1. Teacher divides the students into companies. 2. Instructor distributes photo cards of the objects to the scholars. 3. Trainer reads the riddles approximately the items. e.G: we use it to clean garments. (Washing gadget) 4. Receives the students to guess the items based totally at the playing cards given. five. The students hold the playing cards primarily based on their guessing and tell the names of the objects in line with the riddles read via the instructor. 6. Pupils put the pics in correct categories. linus activities: 1. Trainer locations all of the playing cards face down on the floor. e.G: image cards : a) rice cooker - rice b) refrigerator – meals c) washing device – clothes d) cellular phone – make calls 2. The students take turn turning over 2 cards at a time. 3. If the playing cards match, they hold that pair of cards. 4. Teacher say out using the appliances/gadgets. five. The students call the items/appliances based totally on what the trainer said. manufacturing: (15 mins) mainstream activities: 1. Teacher asks questions on the gadgets and get the scholars to reply orally. e.G.: A) what object is that this?.

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Set induction: (5 mins) 1. Teacher plays the sounds of the items. 2. Pupils call the gadgets based totally at the sounds. e.G: washing machine, fan, radio, television, blender, mixer presentation: (15 minutes) 1. Instructor suggests snap shots of the objects. e.G: a) gadgets inside the dwelling room b) gadgets in the kitchen 2. Students call the items primarily based on the pics. e.G.: A) tv, radio, fan, pc.

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