Simple Lesson Plan Format For Kindergarten Math Template: Lesson Plan Template For Kinderga

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Simple lesson plan format for kindergarten math template: Lesson Plan Template For Kinderga - Slideshare makes use of cookies to enhance functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant marketing. In case you hold browsing the web site, you settle to the usage of cookies on this internet site. See our user agreement and privateness policy. Goal solves word trouble related to addition in comparable fraction {discover ways to be generous all of the time} ii. Issue count a. Fixing word hassle concerning addition in comparable fraction b. Bec-pelc, arithmetic 4, textbook, pp. One zero five-106 c. Textbooks, flashcards, charts, show-me-board, cut-out gadgets iii. Mastering method a. Drill become aware of whether or not the given fraction is proper or comparable fraction 1. 5/4 2. 1/5 three. 6/8 b. Evaluation inform whether or not every given instance is similar or assorted fraction 1. 2/4, 1/2, 1/three 2. Three/5, 1/5, 2/five 3. 1/eight, 3/eight, five/eight c. Motivation *(hanapin mo ang kasama ko) *locating the pair of item in an effort to form a comparable fraction and after that adding all of the newly observed items via the usage of their corresponding fraction as written on the item. B. 1. Presentation amy and iris had been invited in a party. Amy eats 2/four of the complete cake, and iris eats two times as a lot amy has eaten. What number of elements of the cake they've eaten in all? Amy2/4 iris4/four now, we can use shaded and no longer shaded blocks to represent the parts of the cake that they've eaten in all. So, out of six parts of the cake, amy has eaten elements of it, while iris has eaten 4 parts of it. Consequently, the shaded blocks represent the overall elements of the cake they have got eaten in all. Therefore; 2/four 4/4= 6/4 or 1 and a couple of/4 6/4- total parts of the cake did amy and iris have eaten in all. 2. What number of parts of the cake did amy and iris eat in all? Three. In including similar fraction, honestly add the numerators and replica the denominators of each fraction, reduce it to the lowest time period if necessary. 4. How are you going to add comparable fractions? Five. Discover the sum ariel and allan were given a gift by means of their grandma. Ariel obtained ½ quantity of the gift as a whole lot as allan received. What's the overall amount of the present did they get hold of in all? Iv. Evaluation resolve the given hassle that involves addition of comparable fraction. (5 points each) 1. Annabel and gil have been attended a debut birthday party. Annabel eats three/4 of the complete pakwan, and gil eats two times as lots annabel has eaten. How many parts of the pakwan they have got eaten in all? 2. Alex and allexa were given p two hundred via their grandma for their weekly allowance. Alex received three/four quantity of the cash as a good deal as allexa acquired. What's the whole quantity of the allowance did every acquire in all? V. Homework/venture look for a trouble that involves addition in similar fraction and document it in the front of the class.

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