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Interesting sample lesson plan for senior high school Lp Staffing Abm Strand - Docum - Grade 11 rising technologies in ict i. Targets at the cease of the lesson, the scholars are expected to: 1. Apprehend strategies to control on existing pics to exchange or beautify their current nation to communicate a message for a specific motive. 2. Recognize techniques to manipulate on current images to trade or beautify their current nation to speak a message for a specific cause. three. Perform strategies to govern on current pix to alternate or beautify their cutting-edge kingdom to speak a message for a selected reason. ii. Challenge matter a. Concept: combining textual content, images, and photos. sub-idea: use picture manipulation techniques on existing pics to alternate or beautify their current kingdom to speak a message for a specific reason. b. References: ebook: okay to 12 basic education curriculum senior high college – applied track situation code: cs_ict11/12-ictpt-ie-f-8 c. Materials: downloaded photos, laptop, projector, powerpoint presentation, ms writer a. Activity %-te-phic arrangement group interest processes: 1. Divide the class in 4 organizations. 2. Let each group assign a pacesetter and secretary, the secretary will write the name of each member in a sheet of paper, and the leader can be the only to set up the jumbled images inside the assigned desktop pc with the assist of different contributors. three. 3 (3) mins is allocated to set up the photograph to come up with a final output. b. Analysis ask the subsequent inquiries to the students. Make it positive that maximum participation can be solicited. 1. After forming all the ones jumbled images as one, what is the photograph all approximately? 2. What is your insight regarding the photo? 3. Can we likely blended text, pics and snap shots to carry a message? how? four. Is this beneficial to you as a css nc ii holder in a while if ever you're going to placed up your personal computer café or laptop servicing café later on? How? c. Abstraction the usage of ms writer, computer and multimedia projector, the trainer will talk steps and one of a kind techniques to control on present images to exchange or enhance their contemporary country to speak a message for a specific motive. My experience as a learner has basically taken vicinity in parochial colleges. Except kindergarten, my whole k-12 revel in passed off in the catholic college device of the archdiocese of dubuque. Following my commencement from beckman high college in 2003, i began attending marquette college in milwaukee, wi, a jesuit preparation hooked up in 1881. Upon the crowning glory of the spring 2005 term, i will have finished 64 credit hours at marquette. Classes i've taken consist of: in depth primary and focused intermediate spanish, growth of western civilization one and , introduction to american records, rhetoric and composition one and , introduction to fiction, philosophy of human nature, concept of ethics, preferred psychology, advent to theology, hebrew scriptures/old testament selected books, essential ideas in modern technology one and two, introduction to education in a numerous society, vital inquiry into current issues, psychology of human improvement in kids and adolescents in a various society, kids with fantastic desires, and the use of era for gaining knowledge of and evaluation. Training 079: the usage of era for gaining knowledge of and evaluation is the cause for this website/e-portfolios guide. Along with this internet site, we were assigned some of different tasks, along with an educational imovie, the introduction of a lesson plan, and the construction of a concept map. The creation of a lesson plan became the primary major challenge in training 079. Lesson plans are distinctive courses as to how a unit or challenge could be taught. Even as i have made lesson plans for various red move learn to swim instructions, this venture marked my first time growing an educational lesson plan. I used lesson architect to create my lesson plan. Lesson architect is a web manual to developing lesson plans; it gives a grade by grade template, making the development of a lesson plan easy. The dynamic educational layout (did) version of lesson planing and lesson architect are very comparable. While specific steps may additionally vary among the 2, most people of the statistics in both type of lesson plan is the identical; each models also have a tendency to have pointless data. Dids, for instance, require an analysis of the novices; after some time this step becomes repetitive and unnecessary. Lesson architect includes a phase for kingdom requirements; again this phase will become useless and repetitive.

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