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Interesting english lesson plan grade 5 Lesson Plan of Mind-Maps English Grade IV | Effective and Creativ - Slideshare uses cookies to improve capability and overall performance, and to offer you with applicable advertising. In case you hold browsing the web site, you settle to the usage of cookies on this website. See our consumer settlement and privacy coverage. (language) i. Objectives a. To discover mass noun and matter noun b. To use mass noun and count number noun in sentences ii. Challenge depend “mass noun and count number noun” reference: exploring english language 5, tx. Pp. Fifty four-58 materials: pictures, charts, actual gadgets iii. Technique instructor’s pastime a. Education 1. Assessment remaining time, we talked about common nouns and proper nouns. what are not unusual nouns? what are right nouns? underline the commonplace nouns and encircle the proper nouns within the following sentences. 1. Dr. Jose rizal is our countrywide hero. 2. Bulacan state college is the one of the most prestigious university in our us of a. 3. Mrs. Belen is a kind instructor. 4. Baliuag is in bulacan province. five. Filipino is our country wide language. 2. Motivation what do you spot inside the photo? have you experienced swimming inside the seashore? student’s hobby commonplace nouns are names of any individual, region or factor. right nouns are names of precise person, vicinity or element. shells, sand, coconut trees, rock, island and water. yes, sir. b. Presentation these days, we will analyze extra about the seaside. We've right here a paragraph. study it silently. now who wants to study the paragraph orally? now, permit’s answer a few questions about the paragraph. 1. Who's the boy in the tale? 2. Wherein did the complete own family spend their summer time excursion? 3. What sort of water vessel did they trip to reach one of the islands? 4. What did mother serve for their snacks and lunch? 5. What did john do earlier than leaving the island? students study the paragraph silently. “my summer time vacation” whats up! My name is john. My own family went to zambales for our summer season holiday. we visited small institution of land masses absolutely surrounded by water. We rode is a strong banca to one of the island. I was awed by its sheer beauty! To our satisfaction, we saw a variety of seashells around the clean blue water seemed to beckon us for a swim. My brother and that i lost no time in doing so. After a at the same time as we heard mom name. It turned into time for our snacks. We quickly retraced our trace back to in which we have been encamped. My mom served glasses of sparkling buko juice with suman and bibingka. But my younger brother changed into given a tumbler of milk and biscuits. Later for our lunch, we feasted on tinola, fried fish some end result and greens. on our manner again to my grandmother’s house. I stated a little prayer of thanks to our lord for the wonderful islands of the seashore of zambales. I truly should be known as one of our maximum beautiful spots. the boy within the story is john. the complete family went to zambales for their summer time vacation? they rode in a robust banca to at least one superb island in zambales. the mother served glasses of sparkling buko with suman and bibingka for john and milk and biscuits for his more youthful brother. he said a prayer of way to our lord for the exquisite islands of the seaside of zambales. c. Discussion and identification. have a look at the phrases in the chart. column a can be counted column b cannot remember veggies juice suman milk island sand fruit water biscuits espresso the word inside the chart tells something approximately the matters that can be counted and element that can not remember. columns a are nouns which may be counted. We name them “depend nouns.?? what do you name the nouns that may be counted? are you able to provide examples of be counted nouns? columns b are nouns which can't count. we name them “mass nouns.?? what do you call the nouns that cannot be counted? are you able to give examples of mass nouns? in mass nouns, a counter is needed to form their plural; it's miles used to quantify mass nouns. e.G. Bottle of, container of, bag of, sack of. d. Generalization what are count nouns? what are mass nouns? e. Application get an object internal this container and inform whether it's miles a rely noun or a mass noun. use it in a sentence. we call them “depend nouns” desks, chair, pen, e book, backpack, pocket book. we name them “mass nouns” water, rice, milk, juice, sugar, salt, wine, sand. be counted nouns are nouns that can be counted. mass nouns are nouns that can't be counted. these are the things that within the box pencil rely noun eraser count noun e book count noun marble be counted noun bottle of vinegar mass noun powdered juice mass noun bottle of water mass noun a matter nouns b mass nouns field be counted nouns.

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