Great Shopping English Lesson English Lessons: Shopping (Past Simple Tense) - You

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Great shopping english lesson English Lessons: SHOPPING (past simple tense) - You - Substances: pix; worksheets; computer, video-projector (if available); cd; turn-chart; blackboard; chalk; notebooks, textbooks, pencils; predicted issues and solutions: college students may come to be shy when they should give answers to the responsibilities and use the english language. The trainer will usually give them nice comments encouraging them to apply english for their solutions. Unique competences: listening, talking, reading, writing; sub- competences: -growing predictive capabilities based on a photo that students can see/ or on a silent viewing scene that ss can watch on a video-projector; -reviewing vocabulary associated with clothes; -enriching ss vocabulary with phrases and phrases associated with stores and buying; -developing listening comprehension competencies; -growing listening for gist talents; -developing paying attention to extract precise statistics; -developing listening skills to extract particular small language info; -spotting precise words and terms which can be normally used in purchasing conversations and instruction them in sentences in their own; -growing communicative skills by means of studying to explicit alternatives using “might/’d like”, by using mastering to ask approximately the price, ask for garments gadgets/ the proper length and use all of the learnt vocabulary in sentences in their personal; -improving analyzing and pronunciation abilities; -improving communicative skills, pair and organization paintings;. Ss-t. -To make predictions/ speculate approximately what the characters in the image/ from the movie scene are saying. Technique: . -To expect from a picture/ or from a funny film scene what the characters are announcing. Possible issues: if the laptop or video projector ruin down the t could have a picture as a further cloth for the lead in level. Method: earlier than viewing the quick film t units the tasks. -To elevate the ss’ hobby within the subject matter of the lesson. T asks ss some comprehension questions including: “where are the two guys? / Who is the person mr. -To provide ss a history scene putting and introduce them into the subject of the lesson. Discussion. Dialogue. Name: college: grade/ stage: vth a grade/ intermediate level; no. Of students: 24; textbook: “pathway to english- english schedule”; unit eleven: “buying”; lesson 1: “in the clothes store” date: can also, 31th, 2017; lesson type: blended; time: 50’;.

Targets: college students may be able to:  students can be capable of use and recognize not unusual expressions associated with buying.  use, in context, the following vocabulary phrases related to garb: blouse, t-shirt, skirt, pants, get dressed, jacket;  ask questions about apparel length, fashion, and rate the usage of as a minimum two styles of adjectives language capabilities: speaking and listening.

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