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Great scientific method lesson plan 2nd grade Scientific Method concept map created with Make-a-Map! | BrainPO - €?medical method” pastime 1 directions: after paying attention to the song “clinical approach”, placed the steps of the medical technique in the appropriate order. * Nation your hypothesis * have a look at the information * make conclusions * check your hypothesis step 1 ___________________________________________ step 2 ___________________________________________ step three ___________________________________________ step four ___________________________________________ step 5 ___________________________________________ step 6 ___________________________________________ step 7 ___________________________________________ * discover the problem * accumulate and record information * make observations.

Concept maps take on many distinctive structure kinds like chains or loops like the scholar example shown right here or they could resemble spiders or clusters. ?there are also evaluate and contrast designs as well as shape guides or hierarchical map configurations. ?or, there might not be hierarchy at all. ?that.

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