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Great lesson plan in english 7 DepEd Grade 7 Third Quarter Lesson Plan English | Sir Med's Home - Objectives on the stop of the period, with at the least 70% passing, the college students could be capable of the following effects. a. Read the text “the people of the philippines.?? b. Provide an explanation for the unique traits of the filipino humans. c. Pronounce successfully a few critical vowel and consonant based totally on some components of the object. d. Gift a set hobby that shows the characteristics of the filipino people. Studying sports instructor’s activity i. recurring 1. Prayer let us pray first, may additionally i ask kim to lead the prayer? thank you kim. proper morning, elegance! before you take your seat please set up your chair nicely and choose up the portions of paper beneath your chair. 2. Checking of attendance now, allow us to take a look at the attendance, elegance president do we have absentees nowadays? three. Review now allow us to have a quick overview about our topic last time. Who would like to remind us? sure liza?. I – targets: at the stop of the lesson, the scholars are predicted to: a. Use a unmarried word adjective in describing their selves and their classmate b. Give an explanation for why their perspectives about themselves can be specific from how others view them c. Pick out a descriptive adjective in a sentence ii – problem matter: area 2 lesson 1: how others see me grammar: use unmarried phrases adjective successfully references:  gaining knowledge of package deal for grade 7, pp. 1-2  teaching manual for grade 7, pp. 1-3  english grammar plus  the grammar e book pp. 12-33 materials: lp. And culturally into regions. East meets west. Write it in a half of sheet of paper. There are chinese language and spanish elements as well. The carefree visayans from the critical islands and the colourful tribesmen and religious moslems of mindanao. Some *0 percentage of the populace is catholic. The background of the human beings in indonesian and malay. The industrious tagalogs of the valuable plains. The philippines ha greater than 111 dialects spoken. . Approximately 15 percentage is moslem and these humans may be located essentially in mindanao. Or humans of the philippines. Definitely within the philippines. And each local group is recognizable via wonderful tarits and dialects – the robust and frugal ilocanos of the north. The history of yankee rule and contact with traders and buyers culminated in a unique combo of east and west. Proper lesson discussion what have you observed approximately the the u . S . A . Is marked by using a true combo of cultures. What i recognize what i want to realize iii. The relaxation of the population is made up often of smaller christian denominations and buddhist.

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