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Great grade 6 lesson plan Worksheets for all | Download and Share Worksheets | Free o - Paolo sir.3 (flashes every other card) 12cm 5cm what is your answer jimaica? Accurate maica! You may take your seat paolo. Allow us to begin our sport. Melissa. Jimaica prepared? 1. Sir. That polygon is a rectangle and its perimeter is 34cm. Ok allow begin with paolo and catherine. Who desires to undertaking jimaica? Sure. Ready maica and melissa? 1.2. Melissa? That kind of polygon is a rectangle and its perimeter is 30meters. Jimaica.2. You can take your seat now. Give the kind of polygon and its perimeter of this object. Mastering targets cognitive: 1. Derive the location formulation of a rectangular and rectangle. 2. Clear up for the region of a square and rectangle. Psychomotor: write solutions in finding areas of a rectangular and rectangle effectively. Affective: respect various approaches of deriving location formulation of square and rectangle. Ii. Learning contents i. Talent: reference: materials: values: deriving area formulas and solving for region of square and rectangle bec pelc iv.A.3 flash cards, photographs, bond papers, ruler, pencil appreciation. He's the mind of teacherph. Developing up being surrounded by means of educators, a passion for training has grown in him. Mark spends his time writing and spreading on line articles about the instructional world. He likes emphasizing crucial political issues that includes issued on the educational gadget of the u . S . A .. Read extra. Sir. You could take your seat now melissa. Maica? You acquire it proper. Sure maica once more! Our winner is maica. Who desires to assignment maica? Ok our remaining challenger reynaldo. Get prepared here we move. Developmental activities 1. Cllas. What is the perimeter of determine a? Yes jon javee very good jon javee how about item b? Avy pleasure excellent avy pleasure. Discern a is rectangle and its perimeter is 24 rectangular units. Sir that sort of polygon is a square and its perimeter is 48cm. B.

Magnificence on our past lesson in math we learned how to get the perimeter of a polygon. Now we will have a quick recreation about perimeter. I will call two (2) of you to answer or clear up it mentally. Simply provide the sort of polygon and its perimeter permit to win. Are you equipped magnificence? The first one that can give the best answer will be challenge through every other. Sure sir!. Iii. Getting to know experiences trainer s activity a. Preparatory pastime i. Prayer: magnificence please stand let us pray (aerlene lead the prayer) first. Aerlene lead the prayer ii. Greetings: good morning magnificence proper morning sir exact morning traffic true morning classmates thank you sure sir scholar s activity.

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