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Good lesson plan for science 6 Blessed Sacrament Catholic School | Character - Objectives on the give up of the lesson, the learners are predicted to: a. Perceive the voice of the verb in a given sentence. B. Deliver fee the significance of a carabao as guy‟s nice buddy. C. Rewrite sentences from energetic to passive voice of the verbs and vice versa. Difficulty count : the silly farmer and his carabao lesson: active and passive voice of verbs reference: dynamic series in english vi pp.116-122 materials used: snap shots, cartolina values infused: appreciate and love animals procedure pupil‟s hobby. That’s proper. 2. Motivation class, do you need to play a recreation? Top, now i'm able to organization you into four. Every group will pick a frontrunner and a secretary. (Grouping the class) organization 1- betelgeuse institution 2- polaris institution three-sirius institution 4- capella yes ma’am yes ma’am.

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Precise lesson plan in technological know-how vi i- objective: become aware of stars consistent with coloration, length and brightness. Ii- getting to know goals: a. Difficulty count: “characteristics of stars” 1. Idea  stars vary in colour, size and brightness. Stars perhaps blue, white, yellow, purple and black in color. In length, a few stars are larger or smaller than others. No longer all stars that seem at night time shine with the identical brightness. 2. System talents watching, speaking and classifying b. Reference: building understanding in technological know-how and health vi pp. 189-191 into the future: technological know-how and health vi pp. 245-254 c. Materials: puzzle (celebrity), photograph, dye, cotton, academic device d. Price focus: respect the works of god iii- mastering procedure: a. Preliminary sports 1. Prayer 2. Greetings b. Developmental activities teacher’s pastime pupil’s interest 1. Evaluate class, what tool is find to magnify and consider distance gadgets? Correct. Can you supply me examples of a telescope? The distinctive types of telescope are: 1. Refracting telescope 2. Reflecting telescope three. Spectroscope four. Radio telescope ma’am, we call it telescope.

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