Good Creative Curriculum Topic Ideas Year 1 Curriculum 2014-2015 - Holland Haven Primary Sc

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Good creative curriculum topic ideas year 1 Curriculum 2014-2015 - HOLLAND HAVEN PRIMARY SC - 1 yr 4 time period 1 curriculum letter english fiction – the primary mummy non fiction – instructions – how to mummify a body megastar creator – anne nice historical egypt and rivers creative curriculum topic technological know-how - features of rivers and the water cycle. Geography - maps and ordnance surveys, river formations and the river nile. History – lifestyles in ancient egypt along with religion, lifestyle, buildings and daily lifestyles. Layout and era – pneumatics – making an object circulate the usage of air strain. Computing- studies and presentation competencies the usage of a range of software program. Maths range maths –place price topic maths- geometry term 1 targets: maths: i can recollect the three and four times tables and the related department data. Writing: i'm able to spell at the least 40 of the brand new words i have been given (thru time period 1). Analyzing: i will solution comprehension questions about the textual content i am reading. Pshe new beginnings re judaism and jewish festivals pe swimming french counting/writing; numbers to 20, hues and greetings. Ppt on web designing the usage of html ppt on teaching english as a 2d language loose ppt on mobile wide variety portability mnp ppt on phonetic transcription online ppt on business all hazard coverage ppt on zener diode theory ppt on effective communication talents ppt on operations with complicated numbers ppt on natural sources and conservation levels ppt on bucky paper uses.

ς? register  phonics time  maths and english day by day  handwriting  assemblies  site visitors in and journeys out. ?? re weekly and plenty of subjects to inspire. This submit is part of my series on preschool lesson ideas for homeschool – plans for the year.? click at the link for an introduction and a whole list of preschool lesson ideas for the yr.

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