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Good 5 a's lesson plan 5 A's lesson plan - Docum - V = 360 dm3 l=? W = 12 dm h = three dm . Duration 3 dm 20 cm width 60 dm 10 cm height 50 dm 100 cm3 quantity v. Distributing interest cards. Venture discover every lacking variety/entity. Write the solution and whole the table beneath. 1. Application discover the volume of a rectangular prism and its lacking entities. Evaluation locate the volume of a square prism. Iv. What formulas are we going to apply? D. V= ? L = eleven cm w = 8 cm h = 14 cm `3.2. V = 372 cm3 l = 31 cm w=? H=3m 2.

Method a. Every day recurring sports 1. Prayer 2. Greetings 3. Checking of attendance four. Checking of the cleanliness and orderliness of the lecture room b. Activity (priming) instructor¶s interest elegance, earlier than we begin our discussion permit¶s institution yourselves into two. We are going to play a game referred to as ³charades´. However permit me explain the game to the ones college students who by no means played it earlier than.

Process a. Initial sports 1. Checking of assignments 2. Motivation: * let them see a rubiks dice * allow them to recognize the distinction among a dice and a square prism three. Drill: mental computation 4. Assessment: a. What's the formula in locating the quantity of a cube? B. What is the formula in locating the volume of a rectangular prism? B. Developmental sports 1. A. What is a rectangular prism? B. What number of phases do rectangular prism have? 2. A. What is the system in locating the quantity of a rectangular prism? B. Find the quantity of a rectangular prism v=? L= 7.8 m w= 3.Five m h= 1.Three m 3. V=? L= 9.Three m w= 4.9 m h= 3.Eight m.

Targets at the end of the length, the students will be capable of: 1. Outline unusual phrases within the poem via arranging jumbled letters; 2. Evaluate and contrast the author¶s point of view in life and arithmetic; three. Give the relevance of what they have found out in college to their development as individuals. Situation count subject matter: ³mathematics´ through: carl sandburg reference: english expressways textbook for third year pp. 219-221 method used: 4a¶s of gaining knowledge of (activity, evaluation, abstraction and application) substances textbook chalkboard chalk cartolina where the vocabularies are written speaker television pc.

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