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Fresh lessons learned or learnt List of Synonyms and Antonyms of the Word: Lea - (1) the post-disaster reconstruction area lacks institutional reminiscence, due ordinarily to extremely excessive body of workers turnover (linked to investment on task level as opposed to venture), loss of group of workers schooling (funded typically from overhead), and our incapacity to share training throughout geographies and scales. Observe that i'm no longer asking here the query of “why do failed techniques get repeated following each catastrophe??? that is admittedly the extra vital query, however i will turn away from it in the interim. If the question above essentially comes right down to “why don’t we do better???, i'm currently asking the smaller question of “why don’t we recognise higher?. Lessons learnt file template a pair looking for a divorce should visit the wedding registration office with their marriage certificates, home novels, identification cards together with a written divorce arrangement and discover a divorce on exactly the exact equal day. In advance of the simplification of the concepts, the couple searching for a divorce had to make tips within the establishments in which they labored or by means of the local residents. (4) we're overly caught up in movement and don’t make an effort everyday assume (and study). The 66b34c3da3a0593bd135e66036f9aef3 activities everydayassociated with|related everyday put up-catastrophe response and reconstruction are regularly all-consuming. There's very little possibility for strategic questioning and evaluation, which could require analyzing instructions found out from past reports. There may be also little or no investment for this kind of evaluation in submit-catastrophe contexts. Analysis would do away with from greater urgent needs day-to-day deliver tasks, display outcomes, disburse price range, and so forth.

(three) at the identical time, “classes learned” files are regularly made inappropriate with the aid of focusing entirely on the “solutions” that have been found (that are often now not transferable) instead of the “approaches” leading to such answers. Specializing in approaches might make such files more applicable and transferable across contexts. It's far shocking how many “training found out” files rehash the identical training that had supposedly been discovered already. The belief seems clean: we're excellent at discovering, growing and compiling training found out, but very bad at learning them!.

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