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Fresh lesson plan format for iti Editable Gradebook Temp - Questions: 1. A^[email protected] mhnajao kaya ? Business education institute lesson no.: 04 date : 2. Aaga laagalai asayaavaoli tumhi kaya krala ? Month : three. Saofti gaad- ho saaqana ksaasaazi vaaprtat ? No.: 01 trade: fitter time: 45 min. Week august summary : summaries the lesson predominant points ones again and guide them. Ref. Books. Apgaatapasauna vaacaivanao 3. Svat: va [tramnaa saurxait zovanao 4. ]%Padnaavarila asaa vaoli prinaama phanao tumhio kaya 5. Maaozi duga-tnaa questions: 1. P`aqamapcaarmhnajao kaya. ? Krala ? 2. Haonaara [email protected]~ava talnao ksaa bamd krala.? 6. Karna saaoqanao precis : summaries the lesson major factors ones once more and manual them. 7. ]Pcaar krnao venture: see venture sheet (take home paintings.

The fable of the sheep and the pig fabric: a. Flashcards b. Instance board and chalk c. A fantasy written in bond paper system: teacher’s activity a. Pre-sports 1. Prayer (led via a student) 2. Greeting 3. Checking of attendance b. Motivation: before we begin let’s have an pastime by group. The primary row can be institution one, the 2nd row can be organization , and the 3rd row may be organization three. I've right here photos and riddles. Each institution will pick one riddle and read it aloud then afterwards answer it. C. Presentation: i have here a fable. Permit’s study in a popcorn reading, but before that i'm able to study first, then afterwards i can study the title then the first row will examine the primary paragraph and the 2d row will examine the 2d paragraph and the 3rd row will read the remaining paragraph. Reading the delusion… (the sheep and the pig) d. Dialogue magnificence, what did you found from those words. (Lower back to motivation) the instructor allow the scholar examine the words. Ma’am some letters in the phrase represent unmarried sound. Students’ hobby. Written by means of: katherine richards size: 1650x1275px label: lesson plan, extra >> written at: wednesday, december 20 2017 15:35:35 format: jpg/jpeg step of drawing up a lesson plan could be for the trainer to determine what assets will be wished for the lesson. The house school trainer would possibly employ a easy storybook to begin. Thereafter, a chain of worksheets for dialogue may comply with. Eventually, the lesson may finish with an evaluation assignment, to check how properly the pupil has understood the paintings protected.

1. Vak-saa^p maqyao duga-tnaa ka gadto.? 2. P`aqaaomapcaar mhnajao kaya ? Instructor group nstructor vice main/ important yaa ivayayai saamganao.? Teaching aids:kç[ó , [mìj, hçàuç , uçímçvç huç@vç, 3. P`aqaaomapcaara ivayayai kahi review : fire extinguisher mah%vaacao mau_o saamganao motivation : kahi gatnaa ikmvaa duga-tnaa hyaa na klt gadtat. Jar kahi . Duga-tnaa gadlaica tr asaa vaoli4. Duga-tnaa jaalaolyaa [email protected] p`aaqaimak sva$pacao kahi ]pcaar k$na madt krnao mhnajaoca p`aqaaomapcaar haoya’ subjects records point 1. 2.

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