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Fresh artifact knowledge chart Artifact Power and Patch 7.2 - World of Warcraft Forums - In legion, we will change specs freely out of combat such that dual-spec is beginning as much as tri-spec for us, however our popular of competency inside spec-swapping will still be constrained by using a brand new element: artifact weapons. Artifact guns have a chief tree of 34 tendencies and then a 20-stack trait that will increase all harm finished after the primary tree is finished. The capture is that each artifact is leveled independently of the alternative specs, all of them using a aid called artifact electricity, which the player gains as a individual to spend on one spec or any other. So whilst my major spec would possibly have a totally powered artifact weapon, my different specs may be incomplete in various tiers of lagging behind. I did 1x artifact for a base assessment, 2x same ranks (dual-spec or demon hunter all-specs case), 3x identical ranks (natural dps all-specifications case), 4x identical ranks (druid all-specs case), and a dual-spec ms/os case where the os continuously trails the ms by way of three ranks. I totaled up all of the ap spent in both/all specs at a given rank of the mainspec and using the 1x artifact manual, i found about in which the equivalent 1x artifact spending rank would be, together with partial development into a rank. I play a warlock, that is a pure dps class, which means that i play a class with all three specs for the (specifically caster) dps function. As a natural dps in the raiding scene, i. So my question going into legion is: how nicely am i able to dual-spec and probably tri-spec? Given what we realize about artifacts, artifact electricity (ap), and the seize-up mechanic for artifact strength, artifact knowledge (ak), i determined to attempt to find out.

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