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Excellent sample lesson plan in english grade 5 Sample Lesson Plan: T07 Friends | Worksh - (language) i. Targets a. To perceive mass noun and depend noun b. To use mass noun and count number noun in sentences ii. Problem count number “mass noun and count number noun” reference: exploring english language five, tx. Pp. 54-fifty eight substances: pix, charts, real objects iii. Procedure instructor’s interest a. Practise 1. Assessment ultimate time, we talked about not unusual nouns and right nouns. what are common nouns? what are right nouns? underline the common nouns and encircle the proper nouns in the following sentences. 1. Dr. Jose rizal is our national hero. 2. Bulacan kingdom university is the one of the maximum prestigious university in our us of a. three. Mrs. Belen is a kind instructor. 4. Baliuag is in bulacan province. 5. Filipino is our countrywide language. 2. Motivation what do you notice in the photograph? have you skilled swimming within the seaside? pupil’s pastime common nouns are names of any man or woman, vicinity or issue. proper nouns are names of precise individual, region or element. shells, sand, coconut trees, rock, island and water. yes, sir. b. Presentation these days, we can research extra approximately the seashore. We've right here a paragraph. examine it silently. now who wants to examine the paragraph orally? now, let’s answer some questions on the paragraph. 1. Who is the boy within the tale? 2. In which did the complete circle of relatives spend their summer time holiday? 3. What sort of water vessel did they experience to reach one of the islands? 4. What did mom serve for their snacks and lunch? five. What did john do before leaving the island? pupils examine the paragraph silently. “my summer time excursion” whats up! My name is john. My own family went to zambales for our summer season holiday. we visited small institution of land hundreds entirely surrounded by using water. We rode is a robust banca to one of the island. I was awed through its sheer splendor! To our pride, we saw a whole lot of seashells across the clean blue water regarded to beckon us for a swim. My brother and that i misplaced no time in doing so. After a whilst we heard mother name. It become time for our snacks. We quick retraced our trace lower back to wherein we had been encamped. My mother served glasses of sparkling buko juice with suman and bibingka. But my younger brother become given a glass of milk and biscuits. Later for our lunch, we feasted on tinola, fried fish a few end result and veggies. on our manner returned to my grandmother’s house. I stated a little prayer of thanks to our lord for the notable islands of the seashore of zambales. I definitely need to be known as one of our most beautiful spots. the boy in the story is john. the entire own family went to zambales for their summer time holiday? they rode in a robust banca to 1 extraordinary island in zambales. the mother served glasses of fresh buko with suman and bibingka for john and milk and biscuits for his younger brother. he said a prayer of thanks to our lord for the notable islands of the beach of zambales. c. Discussion and identity. look at the words in the chart. column a can be counted column b can't depend veggies juice suman milk island sand fruit water biscuits coffee the phrase within the chart tells some thing approximately the matters that can be counted and component that can not remember. columns a are nouns which may be counted. We call them “matter nouns.?? what do you call the nouns that can be counted? are you able to provide examples of count nouns? columns b are nouns which can not remember. we call them “mass nouns.?? what do you name the nouns that cannot be counted? are you able to provide examples of mass nouns? in mass nouns, a counter is needed to shape their plural; it is used to quantify mass nouns. e.G. Bottle of, container of, bag of, sack of. d. Generalization what are matter nouns? what are mass nouns? e. Utility get an object inner this container and inform whether or not it's far a depend noun or a mass noun. use it in a sentence. we call them “rely nouns” desks, chair, pen, ebook, backpack, notebook. we call them “mass nouns” water, rice, milk, juice, sugar, salt, wine, sand. remember nouns are nouns that may be counted. mass nouns are nouns that can not be counted. these are the matters that within the container pencil count noun eraser be counted noun e book matter noun marble matter noun bottle of vinegar mass noun powdered juice mass noun bottle of water mass noun a remember nouns b mass nouns container depend nouns. Manner a. Preliminary sports 1. Checking of assignments 2. Motivation: * allow them to see a rubiks dice * let them realize the distinction among a dice and a square prism 3. Drill: intellectual computation four. Evaluation: a. What is the formulation in locating the volume of a cube? B. What's the components in locating the extent of a rectangular prism? B. Developmental sports 1. A. What is a square prism? B. What number of levels do rectangular prism have? 2. A. What's the formulation in finding the quantity of a square prism? B. Discover the quantity of a rectangular prism v=? L= 7.Eight m w= three.5 m h= 1.3 m three. V=? L= nine.Three m w= four.Nine m h= 3.8 m.

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