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Excellent lesson plan sample pdf philippines Sample Daycare Menu Templates Preschool Pinterest Business Pla - Process a. Assessment a. What is computer configuration? B. What's using computer configuration? B. Motivation a. Might you want to learn configure to computer systems all with the aid of your self? B. Why would you like to understand the way to configure? C. Gaining knowledge of sports a. Hobby can you listing some essential components of the computer located within the casing? What are their capabilities? Display your solutions through this chart. A part of a pc characteristic 1. 2. 3. Four. Five. B. Analysis 1. What did you do within the activity? 2. What did you examine from the hobby? C. Abstraction showing strength factor presentation (lesson right). Four. Assessment do the exercise in my opinion. Decide their features by way of finishing the chart underneath community additives 1. Provide the most essential thing in community that performs a essential function. Utility (group pastime) listing down the special community components had to setup a network. Valuing 1. 2. . Three. What is referred to as optical force? To what is a reminiscence characteristic in comparison to? What occurs whilst a pc does not have adequate amount of strength? What will appear if a transfer-hub isn't available in the community? V. What can you do to enable the laptop in proper running condition even as connected to a network? Iv. 3. ?? • • how were you capable of give you the desired output? What went nicely in your pastime? What's going to you do to improve in your institution outputs next time you may have any other pastime? Characteristic e. Five. 2. Agreement go to the computer laboratory and follow what you have found out fron this lesson.?? • pc additives and its characteristic networking components d. 1. Five. Four.

Targets mastering outcome 1: plan and prepare for configuration 1. Discover the essential laptop factor utilized in configuration 2. Decide the functions of every laptop element utilized in configuring. Three. Provide the most critical component that performs a essential position in a network. Difficulty count computer and network issue and its functions, lesson 2 on unit 1, module on computer 10, through vincent p. Celda (unpublished). Substances: pc parts, specific networking additives (lan playing cards, routers, transfer/hub, cat5e utp cables with rj forty five connectors on each ends), charts,, pentel pens.

Targets: within the given consultation, the scholars are anticipated to: 1. Discover the essential varieties of drugs and their uses; 2. Speak the not unusual consequences and risks of abusing drugs. Ii. Difficulty count: category of medicine in keeping with use and effect reference: mapeh-i textbook, pp. 370-372 psslc # 1.1, pp. 25 materials: charts, strips, video clips, photocopied substances, pics strategy: cooperative learning iii. Methods teacher’s interest a. Preparatory activities 1. Heat-up/drill a. Prayer b. Checking of attendance proper morning class? How are you today? That’s excellent class, who is absent? C. Movement song before we start with our lesson for these days, allow us to have first an movement tune entitled “its i who construct community” ready? Okay, allow us to do all of it collectively. Its i ( 3x) who construct community(4x) *you *we roll over the sea, roll over the ocean roll over the sea and the deep blue sea. (The students will do the movement tune) superb! Do you like it? Yes sir! 2. Evaluation magnificence, what changed into our lesson ultimate assembly? Yes sir! Pupil’s interest.

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