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Excellent lesson plan noun Valentine's Day Lesson Plans, Themes, Printouts, Cr - I. Objectives  discover the proper and not unusual nouns  write a quick paragraph about their desires for their birthday  percentage the importance of right and common nouns for ordinary life values integration: giving importance of making use of small and capital letters on the start of every names/ideas. ii. Problem be counted topic: two kinds of nouns (english) reference: language arts four (pages 23-25) materials: powerpoint presentation (commonplace and proper nouns), cartolina, white board marker and quiz sheets coaching technique: inductive technique iii. Manner trainer’s activities. A. Starting hobby 1. Prayer - “magnificence, let us stand for our prayer. (Name of the pupil), kindly lead the prayer for nowadays.?? 2. Greetings - “appropriate morning class!?? three. Checking of attendance - “who is absent for today??? four. Assessment - “earlier than we begin our lesson for these days, do you consider on what you had discovered the day prior to this??? - “what part of speech tells the names of a person, thing, area, activities, animal, plant life, and any styles of nature??? - “correct! Deliver me one instance of a call of a man or woman??? - “very good! Provide me one example of a call of a aspect??? - “superb! Give me one example of a call of a vicinity which you visit maximum??? - “excellent! Give me one example of a call of an occasion which may be very special for you??? - “while is your birthday??? - “very good! Give me 3 examples of names of animals, plants and other sorts of nature??? - “for folks who were given the ideal solution, let’s supply them a growth – boom clap.?? five. Motivation “magnificence, here’s the conversation of liza and his dad approximately their visit to her grandparents in manila. On her way, she sees many stuff in manila. This verbal exchange will play best through one boy and one woman best. Who wants to study the communique of ben and his dad? ?? - the teacher will call one boy and one woman within the elegance. liza: oh, daddy, i’m so excited to peer lolo and lola. I’m additionally eager to peer manila. daddy: there are numerous places to peer in manila liza: absolutely! What are the ones places? daddy: on our manner, we can bypass through alabang, sucat, taguig, makati and pasay. I. Objectives: on the quit of the lesson, the scholars are predicted to a) form the plural of nouns efficiently b) display right methods of preserving our frame wholesome c) write an appropriate spelling of nouns ( finishing in s, ss, ch .X ,y ) in their plural shape. Difficulty count number: operating with singular and plural nouns reference: english language three p.Ninety six-107 bec.4.2 p.Thirteen values: saving money, being wholesome substances: actual objects and photos abilities: writing, studying and wondering processes: instructor’s hobby a. Practise 1. Evaluate (the instructor will display pictures and permit the scholars enumerate what they can see) elegance what are you able to see inside the picture? Very good!!! What part of speech are these words? These phrases are nouns can you define noun based totally on the given words. What is noun? 2. Motivation i can display actual objects and call every item kids what is this? Very good!! Three. Valuing do you plant culmination and greens for your outside? Do you adore to devour end result and vegetables? What are the advantages of ingesting end result and greens? Excellent!! We don’t want to shop for within the marketplace, the fruits and vegetables we want, we just get in our outdoor so we will shop money.

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