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Excellent lesson plan format ph calendar daily lesson - Hatch.urbanskrip - System a. Preliminary activities 1. Checking of assignments 2. Motivation: * let them see a rubiks dice * let them recognise the distinction between a dice and a rectangular prism 3. Drill: mental computation four. Evaluation: a. What is the formula in finding the extent of a dice? B. What is the method in locating the extent of a rectangular prism? B. Developmental activities 1. A. What is a rectangular prism? B. How many phases do rectangular prism have? 2. A. What's the components in locating the volume of a rectangular prism? B. Discover the extent of a rectangular prism v=? L= 7.Eight m w= three.Five m h= 1.3 m 3. V=? L= nine.3 m w= four.9 m h= 3.Eight m.

Superb! Where does the time period drug derived? The term drug derived from the dutch phrase droog which means dry. Properly said! What do you imply via the word drug in the filed of medication? Within the field of drugs, drug is any chemical substance meant to be used in prognosis, treatment, mitigation, treatment and prevention of diseases in animals.

Targets: in the given consultation, the scholars are expected to: 1. Pick out the vital types of capsules and their uses; 2. Discuss the common results and risks of abusing capsules. Ii. Situation matter: classification of drugs according to use and effect reference: mapeh-i textbook, pp. 370-372 psslc # 1.1, pp. 25 materials: charts, strips, movies, photocopied substances, photos method: cooperative getting to know iii. Techniques trainer’s pastime a. Preparatory sports 1. Warm-up/drill a. Prayer b. Checking of attendance proper morning magnificence? How are you today? That’s properly magnificence, who is absent? C. Motion song earlier than we begin with our lesson for nowadays, let us have first an motion track entitled “its i who build network” geared up? Ok, allow us to do it all collectively. Its i ( 3x) who construct community(4x) *you *we roll over the sea, roll over the sea roll over the ocean and the deep blue sea. (The students will do the movement song) very good! Do you want it? Yes sir! 2. Review class, what was our lesson ultimate assembly? Yes sir! Pupil’s hobby.

Mabuyo i objectives: on the stop of 60-minute duration, the students ought to be capable of:    ii become aware of the extraordinary fairs inside the philippines; create their own maskara of masskara competition and; provide an explanation for the position and importance of arts within the philippine fairs.

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