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Excellent lesson plan for science 8 Investigation on Friction 2 lesson plan. Go to http://ww - Lesson plan in technological know-how and fitness iii date: june 4, 2012 day: monday i. Objective: pick out the feel organs and their features. Ii. Concern depend: experience organs and their features a. Bec pelc i.1.1 p.6 technology and fitness pp.3-four growing with science and health pp.1-five technology for everyone pp.1-eight b. Idea: the eyes are the feel organs for seeing, the ears for hearing, the nostril for smelling, the tongue for tasting, and the skin for feeling / touching. C. Approaches: figuring out, staring at, experimenting d. Substances: alcohol, flora, small stones, salt and one of a kind styles of fruits. E. Values: caring for the experience organs iii. Technique: a. Preparatory activities: 1. Motivation: reciting the poem,. - class that is the place of the officiating officials of the volleyball. The libero cannot attack the ball in the attacking sector or inside the attacking region. Class what's the primary motive for having a libero in a team? - - Sir. .- Correct. Due to the fact the primary responsibility of the libero is to prevent. - The primary crew to get a 25 factors they'll declare as the winner - magnificence in officiating the volleyball video games the responsibilities and functions of the officials need to be final. The main motive why the group is want a libero due to the fact for the spikers to have a relaxation. Retrieve the ball and make a protecting play.

And gretchen ho. - Superb! What else class? Michelle gumabao the los angeles salle volleyball girls - what else class? - Sir the tres marias of the ateneo volleyball girls group. Felle cainglet. . Felle cainglet.- Magnificence! Within the pics that i showed to you what do you examine? - Sir within the pictures you've got proven to us i discovered that they may be the gamers of the uaap women volleyball crew. Valdez. - Other than the uaap volleyball group what else? - Sir i saw in the photographs the 2012 team captain of the ateneo blue eagles volleyball girls. Objectives: on the cease of the lesson the scholars have to be capable of: a. Provide an explanation for the rules worried in gambling a volleyball video games b. Perceive the reputable size and the place of the officials c. Listing down all the duties and functions of the officers in a volleyball recreation ii. Difficulty be counted: a. Principal topic: crew sports activities b. Sub-subject matter: volleyball video games c. References: mapeh ii with the aid of: vilma v. Perez, lillian n. Luna, crisanto e. Tomas,( pp. 195-207) grade eight module 2 in physical schooling d. Materials: photos, chalks, cartolina, manila paper iii. Procedure instructor’s hobby a. Classroom control - true morning elegance kindly select up the portions of paper underneath your chair. Earlier than we begin our magnificence, allow us to pray, cristina camero kindly lead the prayer and to be observed via jhasper for the phrases of wisdom. Again precise morning magnificence. Who're absent for these days? You may now take your seats. None sir! Accurate morning sir runas student’s activity.

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