Briliant Lesson Plan Book In Hindi Pdf Buy Mathematics Lesson Plan In Hindi Medium (Hindi) Book Online A

View Large Image Briliant Lesson Plan Book In Hindi Pdf Buy Mathematics Lesson Plan In Hindi Medium (Hindi) Book Online A

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Briliant lesson plan book in hindi pdf Buy Mathematics Lesson Plan in Hindi Medium (Hindi) Book Online a - Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and overall performance, and to provide you with applicable marketing. If you maintain browsing the website, you agree to using cookies in this website. See our consumer agreement and privacy coverage. A.A. i've read your lesson plans , it's so tons guidance for the new comers. Convey on this warfare. I would like to inform you a few modern techniques for lesson planning which are according to the cpd ( maintains expert improvement ) . Those are used inside the discipline now a days. 1. Vak-saa^p maqyao duga-tnaa ka gadto.? 2. P`aqaaomapcaar mhnajao kaya ? Instructor institution nstructor vice most important/ main yaa ivayayai saamganao.? Teaching aids:okayç[ó , [mìj, hçàuç , uçímçvç huç@vç, 3. P`aqaaomapcaara ivayayai kahi review : fire extinguisher mah%vaacao mau_o saamganao motivation : kahi gatnaa ikmvaa duga-tnaa hyaa na klt gadtat. Jar kahi . Duga-tnaa gadlaica tr asaa vaoli4. Duga-tnaa jaalaolyaa [email protected] p`aaqaimak sva$pacao kahi ]pcaar okay$na madt krnao mhnajaoca p`aqaaomapcaar haoya’ topics information factor 1. 2.

Slideshare uses cookies to enhance capability and overall performance, and to offer you with relevant advertising. If you preserve browsing the site, you compromise to using cookies on this website. See our privateness coverage and person agreement for info. Apgaatapasauna vaacaivanao 3. Svat: va [tramnaa saurxait zovanao 4. ]%Padnaavarila asaa vaoli prinaama phanao tumhio kaya 5. Maaozi duga-tnaa questions: 1. P`aqamapcaarmhnajao kaya. ? Krala ? 2. Haonaara [email protected]~ava talnao ksaa bamd krala.? 6. Karna saaoqanao precis : summaries the lesson principal factors ones again and manual them. 7. ]Pcaar krnao project: see project sheet (take home paintings. Questions: 1. A^[email protected] mhnajao kaya ? Business training institute lesson no.: 04 date : 2. Aaga laagalai asayaavaoli tumhi kaya krala ? Month : 3. Saofti gaad- ho saaqana ksaasaazi vaaprtat ? No.: 01 exchange: fitter time: forty five min. Week august precis : summaries the lesson important factors ones again and manual them. Ref. Books.

Of letters क . ?? अक्षर दोराहे और मौसी और न क दवात दरवाजा तक बबल्ली high achievers are given extra films to watch and get familiarize with greater hindi words. ??. Concentration for letters.??. ?? self esteem-self confidence  flashcards.

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